07 June 2010

After three years, the hate is still going strong.

I'm honestly not sure whether I'm happy or sad that three years after I wrote it, my "I hate lolcats" post is still being found via Google search from all corners of the globe. Someone even left a comment as recently as hour ago. The link to that post is still the first result that pops up when you Google "I hate lolcats."

I suppose it's cool that something I wrote three years ago is still relevant. It's also sad that the lolcat phenomenon hasn't waned much at all. There is even a site devoted to loldogs now. I'll admit to not hating the dog versions The Boy I Currently Like often sends me. Granted, I try to only see the dogs/puppies and cringe if I accidentally read the text. Though, looking at a few on the main page I see *gasp* complete sentences and proper spelling? Yay dogs!

Christ. I wrote that post before I even met The Boy. I wrote it a year before I started this job. My life has changed a fair amount since I wrote that post, but I still hate lolcats like nobody's business. I try to keep Internet-speak out of my vocabulary at all costs. As it turns out, I wasn't even aware of two of the five most overused expressions on the Internet (according to Jezebel). But there isn't much I can do to stop the spread of it.

Lolcats themselves don't seem to be nearly as ubiquitous as they were when I wrote that post, but they were kind of the new thing then. That hasn't stopped the awful lolcat-speak, which is kind of an amalgam of everything I hate about poor grammar, spelling and punctuation, from infiltrating all corners of the Internet and real life. So, maybe things are worse. Maybe I'm just getting older and crankier (no doubt about that). Goddamn kids with your lolcats and um, whatever else you kids have these days. Get off my lawn, and so on.


Emily said...

Wow, does Stephanie know? Can you still be friends?

Jess said...

Oh no. I thought she knew!

The Boy I Currently Like loooooooooves lolcats and tolerates my dislike ... by sending me pictures of lolcats and other kitties all the time, then telling me I'm dead inside when I react with "meh."