06 May 2010

You're going to be sick of hearing about my new gym.

I mean, if you're not already sick of it. But y'all, wonders never fucking cease there. It's not all sunshine and roses -- a girl did put her yoga mat too close to mine when there was plenty of other space in the room. She also was doing things on the opposite side from the rest of the class, which led to me having to move my mat so I didn't kick her.

That's just one bad thing, though. Not bad so far. It seems to just keep getting better, though. Last night after yoga, I went in to the locker room to get my stuff and there was someone vacuuming out the lockers.

THEY CLEAN THE LOCKERS. That shit did not happen at Bally. Ever.


Stephanie said...

I am so joining in a few months when my membership is up. Day-um.

Jess said...

It's a magical wonderland of awesomeness.