26 May 2010

Why get to bed at a decent hour if there is a long weekend coming up?

Ugh. I've been having a big problem getting to bed at a decent (for me) hour for weeks now. I kinda think it coincided with my move to LA Fitness. The lovely weather hasn't helped, either.

Now that I'm going to 7:45 yoga on Monday and Wednesday, I'm getting home after 9:00. And even though I come out of yoga relaxed, I still need that coming down time when I get home. It's like when I worked at Dayton's/Marshall Fields (now Macy's). No matter how tired I was when I got home from work, it took two hours for me to get to the point where I could go to sleep. Working out is the same.

For some reason, I seem to be getting home later on Tuesdays and Thursdays, too, despite the fact that I go to the gym earlier than I do on yoga nights. Just in the last couple of weeks, I've managed to go back to spending a good two hours at the gym. Since Tuesdays and Thursdays are my "I'll do stuff at home tonight, because I get done early at the gym" nights, I end up cooking or cleaning or whatever until 10:00. Then I have to shower and come down from the day and Jebus, it's late.

I'm hoping that I'll adjust to the new schedule and the new (awesome, when it's not as hot as Satan's asshole) weather shortly. If not, I'll just have to sleep later. However, unless I miraculously figure out a way to get my ass in gear faster in the morning, that will put me at work later, which would put me at the gym later, which only exacerbates the late-night problem.

Oh well. At least I'm tired and therefore sleeping well at night. For now. Gotta focus on the positives. Also positive: spending more time at the gym (what the fuck else do I have to do?) and um ... oh, I mentioned cooking. So there are those things, too.

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Anonymous said...

Adjusting to routine is such a tough thing...At least, you are doing yoga :)