09 May 2010

Such a bummer.

I'm terribly sad that I'm actually looking forward to going to the office tomorrow. Not that I'm looking forward to working or anything. But it's warmish in the office. Being able to function without five layers and a hat will be nice.

This is one of the shittier weekends I've had in recent memory. The highlight was hanging out and painting at the GT's Jam Jar Lounge. That was a genuinely fun time. For some reason, I love painting. I'm really surprised my arm isn't more sore. And my blister only stings when I run hot water over it. There was a touch of paint still in my hair today, but it just looks like a teenie, tiny gray streak.

Otherwise, I slept like shit and didn't really get a moment of rest, because I was cooking or baking or working out or showering (or spending the day at the farm for Mother's Day) -- all trying to keep warm. I feel like a broken record, but Jesus H. Christ, while 60 is lovely outside, it's an entirely different deal when you're inside your domicile.

Wait -- there was one other highlight of the weekend. I got to see my favorite CORGI! (this is how I refer to the GT's dog when I am e-mailing The Boy I Currently Like) and my parents' dog this weekend. I loves me some ear-scratching time. AND! I saw a Basset Hound-Black Lab mix today while walking around Lake Calhoun. The Boy had seen one a few weeks ago in his neighborhood, and he told me how awesome it was. Seeing one in real life proved how awesome such a mix is. The three Australian shepherds, German Shepherd puppy and Yellow Lab puppy I saw also made my heart happy.

This week looks to be more of the same in cold apartment-ness, until Friday. However, it'll be easier to deal with, as I'll only be home for a few hours at a time, after taking commuting, work and the gym into account. Hooray for that, I guess.

I hate when weekends mostly blow.


Frank said...

The weather ruined my last weekend. We're two weeks from JUNE, so why does it have to be 52 and rainy every day?

Jess said...

Probably because we made the Baby Jesus cry or something.

Plus, the shitty weather keeps the riff-raff out? You have to make a lot of excuses when you live in the Midwest. Bah.