11 May 2010

Sad about being happy.

I came home tonight from the gym to an apartment that was 12 degrees warmer than when I left this morning. Oh, happy day. The heat is back on!

Yeah, I'm bummed that the heat has to be on in the second week of May. However, this is Minnesota, for fuck's sake. Also, I wasn't the one who called. I was, however, the one who called in August (or possibly September) to alert our management company that something must be wrong, because the heat was on. However, it stayed on, so I guess it was supposed to be on. I was really counting on the neighbors who made that happen, and who called in January because they were cold when it was 74 in my apartment. They must be getting tougher.

It's supposed to be in the 70s by Saturday, so we probably could have made it through the next few days, but honestly, I feel like I can relax now. For the last week or so, the only times I was warm was when I was in my car, blasting the heat, or when I was in the shower or at the gym, sweating my ass off. Otherwise, I was wearing tons of layers and the beds of my fingernails were blue -- at work, too.

Being warm in my apartment also makes this cold, gray, rainy weather slightly more tolerable. Too many days without sun just make me want to start cutting.

Hopefully, this is the last about my bitching about being cold. I'm looking forward to being outside a lot this weekend -- my nephew's baseball game Friday night and the Lyn Lake Street Festival on Sunday. I imagine I'll walk to the gym or walk around the lake on Saturday, and maybe go outside with The Boy I Currently Like when he goes for a smoke when we're hanging out on Saturday night. I feel like I've been cooped up for too long.

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