18 May 2010

Not the only Wolves fan left in Minnesota.

I considered DVRing the NBA Draft Lottery tonight, since I would be at the gym when it happened, but I thought that was just a bit much. Besides, if I timed it right, I could watch at the gym.

Of course, it doesn't start at 7:00, when it is supposed to start. Goddammit, can't you tell me what time it starts, exactly? I have a life. I have things to do, jerkwads.

Instead of stopping my workout to watch, I hopped back on a treadmill (loving the personal TVs on the cardio equipment at the Uptown LA Fitness) to watch. As the spots ticked away, I started getting nervous. Everything was going exactly according to the odds, which I thought didn't bode well.

My sense of foreboding was correct. When I saw the Wolves logo appear for the fourth pick, I slammed my hands on the handles of the treadmill and said, rather loudly and with much disgust, "Dammit!" At the exact same, time a guy two treadmills down said the same thing. That at least made me chuckle.

I swear, it feels like they just can't catch a break. Turns out, they've only dropped in seven out of 12 lottery appearances. But god. dam. it feels like it has happened every time. Still, it's not like picking fourth is the worst thing ever. I hope.

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