17 May 2010

Forgot how much fun it is to hipster-watch.

It's been so long since I was out-and-about at a hipster-y kind of event, I'd forgotten how delightful people watching is -- especially when the people you are watching are your friendly neighborhood hipsters.

Yesterday was the Lyn Lake Street Festival, and man, did the hipsters represent. Despite the fact that I had a blast with Law Talkin' Gal, her boyfriend and Macho Man, I honestly think I could have had a great time on my own. I was there about a half hour before anyone else arrived, and I was having a delightful time standing in the sun, drinking a beer, listening to the bands and just marveling at the shit people wear.

It was such a perfect day for a block party -- sunny and in the 70s. It wasn't too hot if you were standing in the sun. There was a lovely breeze. Everything just made me so freakin' happy. Oh, and the dogs. There were SO MANY awesome dogs around. I got to pet several, which made me even freakin' happier. Including the dog below, who still makes me giggle.

Some dude tried to buy me a beer while I was waiting in the beer line. That was odd. It's not exactly the kind of place you buy someone a drink. I politely turned him down, as I was getting two beers. Besides, I think he was just trying to cut in line. I'm on to you, jerk!

Unfortunately, I wasn't together enough to leave The Boy I Currently Like's house in time to get home and get ready so I could see Mark Mallman, but I was there with plenty of time to spare before Har Mar Superstar played. He did Boyz II Men's "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye." The fact that he had stripped down to just his underpants by that point only made it more awesome.

The weekend up to that point was pretty darn good already, but yesterday afternoon and evening was just ... well, it was pretty close to perfect. I even had enough booze on hand to have everyone over to sit on the deck for a while after the party wound down.

Now it's back to the grind. I feel it might be rather excruciating, because the weather this week is supposed to be absolutely fucking beautiful. At least I can get outside to watch my nephew play baseball and I can walk to the gym tomorrow and Thursday nights (I tried out the Uptown LA Fitness on Saturday ... it smelled funny, but otherwise it was okay).

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