31 May 2010

Dick 'n' Bert, you spoil me.

Oh, thank fucking Christ the Twins are back on FSN. I know how good we have it with Dick 'n' Bert doing Twins games. I occasionally watch the Fox Saturday afternoon game, and occasionally watch Sunday night or Monday night baseball. More rarely, I do watch games on WGN or TBS. And dear sweet Jesus, does the announcing blow for every last one of them.

The Twins were on national TV (okay, regional TV on Saturday) this weekend. I didn't hear much of the announcing on Saturday, as I was getting ready to go to the Memory Lanes Block Party and then I was at the block party, but what I heard was terrible. And last night, on Sunday night baseball on ESPN? It was so fucking bad. First of all, it was a compelling game for quite a while. Second, as The Boy I Currently Like pointed out, it was a game between two division leaders. And those jokers went on and on about other sports and fucking Italian food for goddamn ever.

That shit is SO distracting to me. And I know I was annoying the shit out of The Boy by commenting on it. I can't help myself sometimes. Like I said, I know how great we Twins fans have it with our announcing team. I've not heard anyone better. On the rare occasions one of them works with someone from Fox on those Saturday games, it makes the audio that much more tolerable.

The awful baseball announcing wasn't the only annoying part of my weekend. I walked around Lake Calhoun today instead of going to the gym, but I went in the late afternoon when I got back from The Boy's house. Holy people, Batman. They were everywhere. Additionally, there were a ton of cops and all the trash cans were overflowing. Yum. I saw some awesome dogs, though, so that was good.

I got up early on Saturday to drive to Mankato to help my aunt move. That was a waste of a fucking trip. I hooked up her electronics, moved a couple of end tables from the garage to the house and moved a few boxes and totes around in the garage. It was not the most well-planned moving event, but Jesus, if you're going to have a dozen or so people at your house, willing to do whatever you want, maybe you should have shit for us to do?

But there were good points. The aforementioned block party. And hanging out with The Boy. We stayed up WAY too late last night watching the 80s video marathon on VH1 Classic. I can only imagine he was thrilled to get to hear me singing along with Debbie Gibson. He seemed to enjoy Googling all manner of random bands and songs I brought up. The only bad thing was that Laura Branigan's "Self Control" completely invaded my dreams. It was so bad that I was half asleep and needed to get up to pee, but thought to myself, "I'll go when this song is over." Except the song WAS IN MY HEAD.

Another good point: whatever weird shit I was feeling about me and The Boy a couple of weeks ago and for several weeks before that seems to have passed. I'm glad.

All in all, it was a good weekend. Probably would have been regardless, since it had an extra day. Staying up until all hours of the night? morning? (the birds were chirping and it was starting to get light when we finally settled down), might have been good for me getting to bed at a decent hour tonight. However, the Twins are on a West Coast road trip, which means late nights for me. That does mean I can get most of my shit (gym, errands, shower, cooking) done before the game starts (or is too far along). That's me -- lookin' on the bright side.

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