31 May 2010

Dick 'n' Bert, you spoil me.

Oh, thank fucking Christ the Twins are back on FSN. I know how good we have it with Dick 'n' Bert doing Twins games. I occasionally watch the Fox Saturday afternoon game, and occasionally watch Sunday night or Monday night baseball. More rarely, I do watch games on WGN or TBS. And dear sweet Jesus, does the announcing blow for every last one of them.

The Twins were on national TV (okay, regional TV on Saturday) this weekend. I didn't hear much of the announcing on Saturday, as I was getting ready to go to the Memory Lanes Block Party and then I was at the block party, but what I heard was terrible. And last night, on Sunday night baseball on ESPN? It was so fucking bad. First of all, it was a compelling game for quite a while. Second, as The Boy I Currently Like pointed out, it was a game between two division leaders. And those jokers went on and on about other sports and fucking Italian food for goddamn ever.

That shit is SO distracting to me. And I know I was annoying the shit out of The Boy by commenting on it. I can't help myself sometimes. Like I said, I know how great we Twins fans have it with our announcing team. I've not heard anyone better. On the rare occasions one of them works with someone from Fox on those Saturday games, it makes the audio that much more tolerable.

The awful baseball announcing wasn't the only annoying part of my weekend. I walked around Lake Calhoun today instead of going to the gym, but I went in the late afternoon when I got back from The Boy's house. Holy people, Batman. They were everywhere. Additionally, there were a ton of cops and all the trash cans were overflowing. Yum. I saw some awesome dogs, though, so that was good.

I got up early on Saturday to drive to Mankato to help my aunt move. That was a waste of a fucking trip. I hooked up her electronics, moved a couple of end tables from the garage to the house and moved a few boxes and totes around in the garage. It was not the most well-planned moving event, but Jesus, if you're going to have a dozen or so people at your house, willing to do whatever you want, maybe you should have shit for us to do?

But there were good points. The aforementioned block party. And hanging out with The Boy. We stayed up WAY too late last night watching the 80s video marathon on VH1 Classic. I can only imagine he was thrilled to get to hear me singing along with Debbie Gibson. He seemed to enjoy Googling all manner of random bands and songs I brought up. The only bad thing was that Laura Branigan's "Self Control" completely invaded my dreams. It was so bad that I was half asleep and needed to get up to pee, but thought to myself, "I'll go when this song is over." Except the song WAS IN MY HEAD.

Another good point: whatever weird shit I was feeling about me and The Boy a couple of weeks ago and for several weeks before that seems to have passed. I'm glad.

All in all, it was a good weekend. Probably would have been regardless, since it had an extra day. Staying up until all hours of the night? morning? (the birds were chirping and it was starting to get light when we finally settled down), might have been good for me getting to bed at a decent hour tonight. However, the Twins are on a West Coast road trip, which means late nights for me. That does mean I can get most of my shit (gym, errands, shower, cooking) done before the game starts (or is too far along). That's me -- lookin' on the bright side.

29 May 2010

Block Rockin'

Went to the Memory Lanes Block Party today with the lovely Physical Therapist. I'd not seen her nor her husband for ages, so it was nice to spend time with her and have dinner with the two of them. It was hot, but still a lovely day.

And quite frankly, any day you get to see a band play on the roof of a building, is a good day. Granted, it's not quite the same as seeing them play out of the back of a van, but it'll do.

Gay Witch Abortion on the roof of Memory Lanes:

27 May 2010

We have very different ideas of what "appreciation" means.

LA Fitness has been pimping its Member Appreciation day for ... well, I think for nearly as long as I've been a member. So, nearly a month. It's been a couple of weeks, at least, that I've been seeing some random, sexily posed woman advertising it (why you need to have a woman who looks like she's selling perfume or lingerie advertise your gym's membership appreciation is beyond me).

So, it was today. I don't recall seeing anything about what the event would entail, and when I got to the gym tonight, I saw why. The "member appreciation" event seemed to consist of a few tables with people from Mary Kay, the Vitamin Shoppe, another skin care line, someone with pizza (I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming it was healthy pizza), a bank and an orthotics company.

You mean to tell me that you're showing your "appreciation" for my business by allowing me to buy shit from other people? LAME. Especially since it's shit I neither want nor need. A membership appreciation would at least have fucking drawings for free shit. No free energy drink or protein bar samples? No free five-minute massages? Shit. Bally out "member appreciations" you, LA Fitness.

The thing is, I wouldn't have given it a second thought if they hadn't had ONLY people trying to sell you shit or otherwise take your money as the sole membership appreciation activities.

I guess I'm glad that the bubble has finally burst. Now I know LA Fitness isn't the be all and end all of gyms (I knew that all along, but I'm pretty good at pretending). It's sure as fuck better than Bally, though.

26 May 2010

Why get to bed at a decent hour if there is a long weekend coming up?

Ugh. I've been having a big problem getting to bed at a decent (for me) hour for weeks now. I kinda think it coincided with my move to LA Fitness. The lovely weather hasn't helped, either.

Now that I'm going to 7:45 yoga on Monday and Wednesday, I'm getting home after 9:00. And even though I come out of yoga relaxed, I still need that coming down time when I get home. It's like when I worked at Dayton's/Marshall Fields (now Macy's). No matter how tired I was when I got home from work, it took two hours for me to get to the point where I could go to sleep. Working out is the same.

For some reason, I seem to be getting home later on Tuesdays and Thursdays, too, despite the fact that I go to the gym earlier than I do on yoga nights. Just in the last couple of weeks, I've managed to go back to spending a good two hours at the gym. Since Tuesdays and Thursdays are my "I'll do stuff at home tonight, because I get done early at the gym" nights, I end up cooking or cleaning or whatever until 10:00. Then I have to shower and come down from the day and Jebus, it's late.

I'm hoping that I'll adjust to the new schedule and the new (awesome, when it's not as hot as Satan's asshole) weather shortly. If not, I'll just have to sleep later. However, unless I miraculously figure out a way to get my ass in gear faster in the morning, that will put me at work later, which would put me at the gym later, which only exacerbates the late-night problem.

Oh well. At least I'm tired and therefore sleeping well at night. For now. Gotta focus on the positives. Also positive: spending more time at the gym (what the fuck else do I have to do?) and um ... oh, I mentioned cooking. So there are those things, too.

25 May 2010

The joys of renting.

I called the management company Sunday night, because my toilet started leaking. I'm not entirely sure where, but it seems to leak somewhere along the lines from the pipes into the tank.

Fast forward to today. Toilet is still leaking, no indication that anyone has been here to check out the problem. Hey, I'm not the one who has to pay if the water damage fucks up the floor and my toilet falls through to the basement. But I could be injured. And I would be seriously inconvenienced.

They're usually so good about coming out to fix or at least check problems. They usually call, too, to let me know what's up.

Now, I have to play the game of figuring how long to wait before calling them again. I don't want to be an annoying nag, but well, there are the aforementioned potential problem.

23 May 2010

I have nothing to write about.

It's HOT. And yet, I'm baking. Can't let the rhubarb go bad, dontcha know. My air conditioner was installed (by ME, all alone) on Thursday, though. I kinda pushed The Boy I Currently Like to install his (with my help) before I left today. God almighty, I wished I did it last night. I thought I might have to leave at like, 6:00 a.m. to come home because I was so uncomfortable. I kept having to creep away when he touched me. Don't get me wrong -- I love sleeping next to him. And being able to cuddle up next to a human space heater is awesome when you're cold. But in the summer? Honestly, I was ready to punch him in the face if he touched me again.

Law Talkin' Gal has a JD now. I'm so proud of her.

Next week is a short week, so there's that.

My iPod was on its last legs after four years, so I broke down and bought a new one. Current generation, refurbished. I was initially enthralled with all the neat things I can do -- shuffle an individual playlist! Shuffle an artist! Listen to FM radio! Record video! Other stuff!? Now, I'm just glad the battery will last through a long workout.

Did I mention its 85 and humid as fuck?

And so on.

20 May 2010


Is it the weather? Is it emotions? What kind of extremes are we talking about here?

The weather over the past couple of weeks is probably more extreme than my emotions, but both seem to have had a very up-and-down quality recently.

Two weeks ago, I was worried about how I was going to deal with the impending snow and frost. Now, I'm trying to decide if I should just put my air conditioner in when I get home from the gym tonight, when I'm already sweaty and gross, or wait until Saturday. Either way, it needs to get done, because it's going to be close to 90 on Sunday and the temps will stay there for several days. Oh Minnesota weather, you so crazy!

I hate to lose one of my living room windows, but what does it matter if install the window AC unit tonight and lose a window for maybe two days? God, it's such a pain in the ass, though. Okay, maybe it's the time thinking about it that's really the pain in the ass. Actually doing it isn't that bad. I've not sliced the shit out of my hands since the first time I tried to pick the behemoth up. I'll end up with bruises on my arms and legs from holding it, but it's not like I don't already have bruises on my arms and legs from ... well, other things, I guess. I'm not always sure why they're there.

Had I been thinking/looking t the extended forecast, I would have asked the strapping young lads (Macho Man and Law Talkin' Gal's boyfriend) at my house on Sunday to install the air conditioner. But I wasn't thinking, so now I'm screwed.

This week seems to have gone pretty fast, because Sunday seems like it was ages ago. It was such a great day and I was in such a great mood. Now? Not so much. I'll chalk it up to being cooped up inside on consecutive beautiful days. Regardless of reason, I'm cranky and generally feel horrible about myself. My hair is gross, I'm fat and ugly. I hate my clothes. Despite my raise a couple of months ago, I feel like I have no money, which is fucking depressing. And on and on.

At least my skin looks pretty good. Only one good thing can be happening at a time, you see. Hair looks great? Zitty and fat. Losing weight and looking good? Gross hair and even grosser face. Halfway decent skin? Revolting body and weird hair. It's fun feeling completely disgusted about yourself. I pretty much hate me right about now.

There are benefits to having no money, I guess. My new iPod should be waiting when I get home. Finally! I'll be able to use it again for more than just working out. Not only should it be able to keep a charge for more than two hours, I'll be able to put twice as many songs on it!

All the fucking birthdays, Mothers and Fathers days and other shit I have to spend money on are wearing on me, though. That's not even taking into account the cash I'm going to have to lay out for the 'rents' wedding anniversary party and my goddamn fucking bridesmaid dress. DO NOT WANT any of that shit. It's completely and utterly depressing to look out on the summer and see most of the weekends claimed by one thing or another, lots of which involve family and driving, none of which will be cheap.

At least it's Thursday. I might get a little alone time come Sunday night. That'll be nice -- in my dark little air-conditioned cave, oblivious to the outside world.

18 May 2010

Not the only Wolves fan left in Minnesota.

I considered DVRing the NBA Draft Lottery tonight, since I would be at the gym when it happened, but I thought that was just a bit much. Besides, if I timed it right, I could watch at the gym.

Of course, it doesn't start at 7:00, when it is supposed to start. Goddammit, can't you tell me what time it starts, exactly? I have a life. I have things to do, jerkwads.

Instead of stopping my workout to watch, I hopped back on a treadmill (loving the personal TVs on the cardio equipment at the Uptown LA Fitness) to watch. As the spots ticked away, I started getting nervous. Everything was going exactly according to the odds, which I thought didn't bode well.

My sense of foreboding was correct. When I saw the Wolves logo appear for the fourth pick, I slammed my hands on the handles of the treadmill and said, rather loudly and with much disgust, "Dammit!" At the exact same, time a guy two treadmills down said the same thing. That at least made me chuckle.

I swear, it feels like they just can't catch a break. Turns out, they've only dropped in seven out of 12 lottery appearances. But god. dam. it feels like it has happened every time. Still, it's not like picking fourth is the worst thing ever. I hope.

17 May 2010

Forgot how much fun it is to hipster-watch.

It's been so long since I was out-and-about at a hipster-y kind of event, I'd forgotten how delightful people watching is -- especially when the people you are watching are your friendly neighborhood hipsters.

Yesterday was the Lyn Lake Street Festival, and man, did the hipsters represent. Despite the fact that I had a blast with Law Talkin' Gal, her boyfriend and Macho Man, I honestly think I could have had a great time on my own. I was there about a half hour before anyone else arrived, and I was having a delightful time standing in the sun, drinking a beer, listening to the bands and just marveling at the shit people wear.

It was such a perfect day for a block party -- sunny and in the 70s. It wasn't too hot if you were standing in the sun. There was a lovely breeze. Everything just made me so freakin' happy. Oh, and the dogs. There were SO MANY awesome dogs around. I got to pet several, which made me even freakin' happier. Including the dog below, who still makes me giggle.

Some dude tried to buy me a beer while I was waiting in the beer line. That was odd. It's not exactly the kind of place you buy someone a drink. I politely turned him down, as I was getting two beers. Besides, I think he was just trying to cut in line. I'm on to you, jerk!

Unfortunately, I wasn't together enough to leave The Boy I Currently Like's house in time to get home and get ready so I could see Mark Mallman, but I was there with plenty of time to spare before Har Mar Superstar played. He did Boyz II Men's "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye." The fact that he had stripped down to just his underpants by that point only made it more awesome.

The weekend up to that point was pretty darn good already, but yesterday afternoon and evening was just ... well, it was pretty close to perfect. I even had enough booze on hand to have everyone over to sit on the deck for a while after the party wound down.

Now it's back to the grind. I feel it might be rather excruciating, because the weather this week is supposed to be absolutely fucking beautiful. At least I can get outside to watch my nephew play baseball and I can walk to the gym tomorrow and Thursday nights (I tried out the Uptown LA Fitness on Saturday ... it smelled funny, but otherwise it was okay).

14 May 2010

Don't try to confuse her with the facts.

Gah. As I was reading this article about Sarah Palin spouting more lies and nonsense, I was composing a blog post in my head. Then I made the mistake of reading the comments (will I never learn?) and I just haven't got the energy.

This shit makes me so angry/stabby/ragey when I see/read/hear it. Then I stop to consider it for a moment, perhaps so I can write about it, and I just feel defeated and depressed. Palin spouts flat-out, bald-faced lies ("the new health care bill will pay for abortions!") and she's only occasionally called out on it. And even when she is, people believe her and she still goes on spouting it (Hello, death panels!). Then again, people still believe Iraq was involved in the September 11 terrorist attacks.

What can you do in the face of such willful ignorance?

I also love that she talks about the choice she made to have her Down syndrome son and the choice Bristol made to have her out-of-wedlock baby. That's what being pro-choice is all about, you fucking moron. Women have the CHOICE to have a baby at a not-ideal time. Women can choose to bring a child into this world who they know will have health problems. You got to make your choice. Your daughter got to make a choice. But no one else should have a choice? Fuck off.

Her stellar reasoning was on display in this statement, as well: "She said some young women would see what happened to Bristol and perhaps be encouraged to seek an abortion instead of facing similar criticism."

Yes, because there are so many young women out there whose mothers are running for vice president of the United States; whose mothers are parading them around for the media to see; whose mothers are using them as an example of all that is right and good in America. Young women the nation over are going to face a similar kind of criticism from the national media.

I can't fucking deal with this right now. I'm going to go drink, hide under my bed and maybe do some cutting.

12 May 2010

Search term of the day.

Ah, a kindred spirit? Except I don't dare read the comments on that site. I have problems enough reading the comments on my local newspaper's site.

"icanhascheezburger comments make me want to kill everyone"

The best part is that the person who Googled the above search string has an IP address in the Minneapple! I feel your pain, neighbor. But don't act on that rage. Channel it into something productive. Or just drink.

11 May 2010

Sad about being happy.

I came home tonight from the gym to an apartment that was 12 degrees warmer than when I left this morning. Oh, happy day. The heat is back on!

Yeah, I'm bummed that the heat has to be on in the second week of May. However, this is Minnesota, for fuck's sake. Also, I wasn't the one who called. I was, however, the one who called in August (or possibly September) to alert our management company that something must be wrong, because the heat was on. However, it stayed on, so I guess it was supposed to be on. I was really counting on the neighbors who made that happen, and who called in January because they were cold when it was 74 in my apartment. They must be getting tougher.

It's supposed to be in the 70s by Saturday, so we probably could have made it through the next few days, but honestly, I feel like I can relax now. For the last week or so, the only times I was warm was when I was in my car, blasting the heat, or when I was in the shower or at the gym, sweating my ass off. Otherwise, I was wearing tons of layers and the beds of my fingernails were blue -- at work, too.

Being warm in my apartment also makes this cold, gray, rainy weather slightly more tolerable. Too many days without sun just make me want to start cutting.

Hopefully, this is the last about my bitching about being cold. I'm looking forward to being outside a lot this weekend -- my nephew's baseball game Friday night and the Lyn Lake Street Festival on Sunday. I imagine I'll walk to the gym or walk around the lake on Saturday, and maybe go outside with The Boy I Currently Like when he goes for a smoke when we're hanging out on Saturday night. I feel like I've been cooped up for too long.

09 May 2010

Such a bummer.

I'm terribly sad that I'm actually looking forward to going to the office tomorrow. Not that I'm looking forward to working or anything. But it's warmish in the office. Being able to function without five layers and a hat will be nice.

This is one of the shittier weekends I've had in recent memory. The highlight was hanging out and painting at the GT's Jam Jar Lounge. That was a genuinely fun time. For some reason, I love painting. I'm really surprised my arm isn't more sore. And my blister only stings when I run hot water over it. There was a touch of paint still in my hair today, but it just looks like a teenie, tiny gray streak.

Otherwise, I slept like shit and didn't really get a moment of rest, because I was cooking or baking or working out or showering (or spending the day at the farm for Mother's Day) -- all trying to keep warm. I feel like a broken record, but Jesus H. Christ, while 60 is lovely outside, it's an entirely different deal when you're inside your domicile.

Wait -- there was one other highlight of the weekend. I got to see my favorite CORGI! (this is how I refer to the GT's dog when I am e-mailing The Boy I Currently Like) and my parents' dog this weekend. I loves me some ear-scratching time. AND! I saw a Basset Hound-Black Lab mix today while walking around Lake Calhoun. The Boy had seen one a few weeks ago in his neighborhood, and he told me how awesome it was. Seeing one in real life proved how awesome such a mix is. The three Australian shepherds, German Shepherd puppy and Yellow Lab puppy I saw also made my heart happy.

This week looks to be more of the same in cold apartment-ness, until Friday. However, it'll be easier to deal with, as I'll only be home for a few hours at a time, after taking commuting, work and the gym into account. Hooray for that, I guess.

I hate when weekends mostly blow.

08 May 2010

Keeping warm on a cold May day.

It was a whopping 59 degrees in my apartment when I returned from helping to paint the GTs' basement. Painting, a beer and the best bagel I've ever eaten in my life, did warm me up a bit.

That wasn't going to last long after I got home, though. So, I piled on the layers after I showered (I'm wearing a camisole, tank top, two short-sleeve t-shirts and one long-sleeve t-shirt) and commenced to baking.

So far, I've got two loaves of banana bread done, I'm on my third tray of chocolate chip cookies and I'll for sure be making rhubarb crisp yet to take home for Mother's Day lunch tomorrow. I may get some scones in, too. I'm thinking lemon blueberry ...

Had to do the laundry today, too, because it takes my clothes forever to dry when it's cold in here. Honestly. This shit is ridiculous. I really just wanted to come home after painting and lay on the couch. But that means I'll get cold. And if it's going to get into the low 30s tonight, I have to warm this place up as much as possible.

I spent an entire week worrying that this would happen. I struggled over whether I should call the management company in advance of the weekend to tell them it was too cold in here. But it was still 63 in here when I woke up yesterday, so it didn't feel right. Now I get to be miserable.

The extended forecast seems to show that a week from now, this will all be a bad memory. I hope that holds. Meanwhile, I'll keep baking and keep piling on the layers. I've got a hat and scarf handy for when I finally settle down for the night.

07 May 2010

How do I know it's cold in my apartment?

I went to the gym after work, and showered when I got home (okay, like an hour later). When I got out of the shower, I could see the steam rising off my body like an NFL lineman's head during a game at Lambeau in January.

06 May 2010

You're going to be sick of hearing about my new gym.

I mean, if you're not already sick of it. But y'all, wonders never fucking cease there. It's not all sunshine and roses -- a girl did put her yoga mat too close to mine when there was plenty of other space in the room. She also was doing things on the opposite side from the rest of the class, which led to me having to move my mat so I didn't kick her.

That's just one bad thing, though. Not bad so far. It seems to just keep getting better, though. Last night after yoga, I went in to the locker room to get my stuff and there was someone vacuuming out the lockers.

THEY CLEAN THE LOCKERS. That shit did not happen at Bally. Ever.

04 May 2010

Two of my favorite things.

Cooking and swearing. Yeah!

The Boy I Currently Like sent me a link today, without any commentary. It was to a site called "What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner." AWESOME. You have options, too. You can get another recipe if you don't fucking like that, or if you don't fucking eat meat.

Every link I've clicked has gone to Epicurious.com, which delights me even further. I have this image of Epicurious being all fancy-pants and hoity-toity. So, a random recipe generator that features lots of "fucks" that leads to Epicurious kinda feels like giving the finger to rich people.

The recipe that popped up when I clicked the link was Bulgur Pilaf with Dried Apricots. I had all the ingredients at home already, and I needed a side to accompany my veggie burgers for the rest of the week, so I decided to make it tonight. I told The Boy this and he called me a food nerd. Hmph.

Perhaps it's my new-found decisiveness, but I made it even though it had that cinnamon/allspice and savory combo that I don't like. I'm really trying to make myself like that kind of thing. It's why I don't like Indian food. However, I now own sweet curry powder and Garam Masala and I don't hate using them. I can't eat a ton in one sitting, but I made a rice and lentil dish not that long ago and used Garam Masala and I ate it for lunch for an entire week. So, I'm growing!

Anyway, the Bulgur Pilaf is delicious. I added some dried cherries and orange-flavored dried cranberries. I also added some granulated garlic. Used vegetable stock instead of water. Oh, and I didn't fill the 1/8 and 1/4 teaspoon totally full of the cinnamon and allspice and did a heaping 1/8 teaspoon of Cayenne. But I like it, so yay!

I also made some broccoli. I was getting ready for bed last night and had the Food Network's show The Best Thing I Ever Ate on while I was brushing my teeth.

Since I live alone, and I can do so, I sometimes wander around while I'm brushing my teeth. I can't just stand in the bathroom for a couple minutes while brushing the bottom, and then a couple more while brushing the top, for fuck's sake. So, I popped into the living room to see what was on TV. Cat Cora was talking about this broccoli dish she had at ... some ... restaurant? in Chicago? It sounded good -- caramelized broccoli with some fancy-schmancy imported Italian pepper, sliced garlic and citrus zest.

It just so happens that I had a bunch of broccoli in my fridge that needed to be cooked. So, I made my own version of that dish tonight, as well. Just cooked the broccoli in some olive oil, added a tiny bit of water, then threw in some garlic and lemon zest. Then I added crushed red pepper flake, salt, pepper and squeezed a bit of lemon juice over the top. Delicious! Honestly, I thought oven-roasting was the best way to eat broccoli. I was wrong. This new way is awesome.

Got a break from the new gym tonight, which makes me feel shitty for not working out. However, I think I needed to rein myself in from the giddiness the new gym has brought. So, it was good that Law Talkin' Gal needed a ride to pick up her car in St. Paul. I might be a little too into my new gym. I realized today that I can go to the Calhoun Square location on days I don't have yoga -- and I can walk there. This shit is fucking brilliant. Extra exercise, less gas, less driving, more love for the planet. Everyone wins! Unless it's full of hipster douches. Then I'll continue going to SLP.

Okay. This was supposed to be a quick little post that got away from me. But I can't go away without saying Happy Birthday to Josh, if you're still occasionally reading. This is really my only venue, since you're not on Facebook.

03 May 2010

All is right with the world.

Okay, that's a bit of an overstatement. A lot of an overstatement, even. That doesn't change the way I feel, though. Tonight, I went to a yoga class taught by Renee, my favorite yoga instructor ever.

Y'all, I was borderline giddy when I saw her. Possibly more than borderline. Totally fucking giddy. I hope I didn't scare her. Honestly, I realized this was the first great yoga class I'd had since she left Bally.

It may seem sad or pathetic that something as small and simple as changing gyms could totally change my outlook on life, but I choose to see it in a positive light. I've got a renewed zest for working out, which certainly can't be a bad thing, can it?

Even before I joined LA Fitness, I was working my way back from fucking up my knees and being flat-fucking broke, which led me to not be able to get to the gym like I should and also caused me to eat kinda poorly, because sometimes, good-for-you food is more expensive than shitty food. My pants are loosening back up again and I can only imagine I'll get back to where I was faster now that I can do a full workout and I'm actually motivated to do it. I WANT TO GO TO THE GYM. I'm going to start improving again in yoga -- getting stronger and more flexible, being able to do more things and new things. It's so exciting!

It's ridiculous to think that earlier today, I was planning to use my free moments to compose a blog post talking about how last night I was hit with the realization I was going to be alone forever (which is not really a new realization, I've pretty much always thought that. It just seemed super dire last night); how I didn't know how things were going or would be going with The Boy I Currently Like, or worse.

But now, I'm on a yoga/cardio high. When I got out of the shower, I was worried I wasn't going to sleep tonight. I'm coming down now, so maybe I will be able to get to bed at a decent hour.

I can't tell y'all how glad I am that I made this change. And I'm still mildly astonished that I just. fucking. did. it. Very little hesitation. No worries about looking like an idiot. It's all so unlike me. Perhaps I've turned over a new leaf? It's doubtful, but you have to start somewhere, right?

02 May 2010

Is this the end of the "nasty gym bathroom" tag?

Today I worked out for the very first time at LA Fitness. Yep -- that deal I mentioned a few days ago was good and I signed up for a membership on Friday.

It was glorious. The gym is spacious and clean. There's ample parking in the lot, plenty of equipment in the gym itself. The bikes and treadmills have fans, y'all. You have your own, personal fan. Not only that, but the belts are nice and tight and there's plenty of give (I'm not at all sure how that works), so it feels springy and whatnot when you're walking. With the equipment being all new and stuff, everything moves so much more smoothly -- the elliptical machine and weights, as well. They have an actual stretching area, too.

Oh, and the lockerroom. It's lovely. It seems to me that there really aren't that many lockers, but it might just be the set-up. They're not exactly lockers, either; more like cabinets. Mirrors and sinks abound. Honestly, I wouldn't be afraid to take a shower there, because it was so clean. It was early Sunday afternoon and there was someone cleaning the lockerroom. WHAT? I've not seen anyone cleaning at Bally any time of any day for months.

The best part was, I felt great after working out. No soreness or anything. I attribute that to the fancy new equipment and also to the fact that I was just so thrilled to be working out there. Another best part -- they switched from ESPN to the Twins game when it started. If I can watch the Twins (and hopefully Timberwolves) at the gym, I will be the happiest girl alive.

Unfortunately, they don't have the instructors listed for classes and I won't know which yoga classes my former Bally instructor teaches until I actually go to one of her classes. I'm hoping she does the 7:45 class tomorrow. I know she was when she first started. However, she was also hired as the group fitness manager, but she's no longer doing that. Oh, that's right. I called to make sure she was still working there before I signed up for the membership. The girl I talked to said she teaches morning and evening classes, but was unsure of what days/times. It'll be an adventure, I guess.