14 April 2010

Nick Punto: Momentum Killer

Oh Nicky. Why do you have to go proving me right?

The Twins lost today, and it wasn't Punto's fault. I place the blame squarely on the shoulders of one Jesse Fucking Crain.

God, I hate Jesse Crain so much. I often scream in despair when he enters the game. The Boy I Currently Like was just saying a few days ago that maybe he was going to be different this year. He looked good and the Twins were keeping him out of sticky situations -- with good reason. He got himself into his own mess today, and couldn't get out. I'm considering instituting another new Twins-related feature: "Goddammit, Jesse Crain!" But that would just make me too mad.

Tomorrow is another day, and a chance to take the series from the Red Sox. That would be totally awesome.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you put so much emphasis on one appearance in the early part of the season. I dont see you going after Mijares for the season opener? It will be a better year for Crain and Mijares. Settle down it is only the second week of the season.

Jess said...

For what it's worth, Anonymous, Mijares hasn't been a Twin as long as Crain or Punto, and therefore hasn't had the same amount of time to establish a pattern.

And not for nothing, it was nice to see Brendan Harris come to the plate last night in Punto's place with two down, take a walk to keep the inning going, which led to runs. Yay!

It is only the second week of the season, but this start has me incredibly stoked for what this season will bring. They've won the first four series of the season! It's been since 1987 that they won the first three (if I recall correctly what The Boy I Currently Like said last night).

Hopefully, you're right about Crain having a better season this year. I keep waiting for it, but it never materializes.