12 April 2010

New Feature!

After seeing the Twins' Nick Punto (hey, he's got a fan club! Isn't that cute?) once again kill a two-outs-with-runners-on-base rally yesterday, when he did it again today, I decided I was going to make him a new blog feature.

Welcome to Nick Punto: Momentum Killer. In today's game, which was the home opener of the brand-new Target Field, outdoor home of the Minnesota Twins, Punto did get on base at least once and had a stolen base (where he undoubtedly slid head-first into second). And this momentum killer didn't hurt them, as the beat the Twins beat the Red Sox handily to christen the new stadium. But a momentum killer is a momentum killer, whether it matters in the end or not.

Perhaps it just seems like Nick Punto is a huge rally/momentum killer. Maybe I'm being too hard on the little guy. However, it seems like The Boy I Currently Like and I discussed this many times last year. Entirely too many times. Chronicling Punto's mishaps here could prove me wrong. Or prove me (and others) right. Who knows?

I realize exactly none of you (outside of me) care about this. But you're in luck -- I'll probably forget about it within weeks. Also, this is my stupid blog, so I can write about whatever stupid bullshit I want. Yeah!


supertoyz said...

That's what I love about blogging. It's MY blog and I can say whatever I want. Suck it if you don't like it.

Oh, and yay Twins for a good win at the new field. A home run even.

funny word verification: suffer.

Jess said...

It is nice, isn't it?

I got to hear Kubel's homer while I was driving from work to the gym (a surprisingly quick trip, because I guess 50 percent of the metro area was at the game/around the stadium/home watching).

Bill From Gainesville said...

As a Rays Fan I have / We have a Rally Killer in the form of Pat the bat Burrell. Our current DH until the manager figures out he sucks and sits his ass.

Jess said...

I had no idea Burrell was a rally killer. I swear I just saw him on a highlight not too long ago.

Then again, Punto's often on the highlights for his defense.

Anonymous said...

Pat Burrell was a fool to leave the Phillies . . . .