21 April 2010

An interesting choice of words.

I realize that Target Field, the Twins' new outdoor home, is something of a destination. However, is the destination the reason you're going? Or are you GOING TO WATCH THE TWINS BEAT CLEVELAND?

After yoga tonight, our instructor asked if anyone had been doing anything fun outside. I mentioned that we had class outside last night. Then a classmate said she went to Target Field last night. Really? Just for the hell of it? To hang out on the plaza?

I'm not sure I've heard anyone else say it that way, "I went/am going to Target Field." You're going to the goddamn Twins game. Perhaps she's a casual fan. I don't know. She wasn't the new girl I was nice to before class (I even gave her a mat wipe to wipe down the shitty Bally mat she had to use), so I don't know anything about her (not that I know anything about the other girl).

Why I'm so mildly incensed about this is beyond me. I mean, I'm a fairly die-hard Twins fan, and this is the best start they've had since 1987, the year they won their first World Series, so what the fuck do I care about the stadium? They're playing GREAT baseball. On the other hand, I'm totally stoked for my first trip. It's not until August at this point, but I'm pretty sure I'll get to a game before that.

In the meantime, I'll watch Dick'n'Bert on TV and listen to Gordo and Dazzle (or Jack Morris or that guy Chris who was doing the game tonight and usually does the out-of-town scoreboard update) and just enjoy the ride. I would like to see the Minnie and Paul sign light up at night when someone hits a homer. The only homers I've actually seen have been in day games, and you can't see the sign light up for shit during the day.

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