27 April 2010

I'd like today to be over now, please.

Honestly, I 'd be in bed right now if I hadn't cooked when I got home from the gym. Or, I'd be awfully darn close.

Today has kicked my motherfucking ass. Work was bad enough. It's nearing the end of the month, and we need to get all of our billing in by the end of the day on Friday. Not a problem for me, but for my colleague in New York, it is a HUGE FUCKING DEAL. Then again, everything is a HUGE FUCKING DEAL for him. He makes sure to let me know that. It's hard not to get caught up in his Chicken Little bullshit, and he routinely freaks out on me for little things. But hey -- that's why I'm getting paid the big bucks, right?

I thought maybe heading to the gym would improve things. I couldn't wait to get there, which is a very good indicator of how shitty my day was. My drive to the gym is when my fellow drivers thought they'd pile on to my bad day. Who are these people who think driving rules and road signs don't apply to them? I'm not going to lie -- I was secretly (only because I was alone and a public display of delight would have been wasted) delighted to see someone who parked in a no parking zone get a ticket, because they were apparently too lazy to park properly on the way to work out.

Yoga was good, though. I decided early on to not judge others (not before I'd judged the guy wearing jean shorts) or myself. I felt strong and centered and didn't worry about what I could and couldn't do. Class went long and I didn't care too much that I was running late in my errands and shit I needed to do at home.

Of course, the assholes that kept pulling out in front of me on the road on the way to Rainbow after class ruined my mood. I'm talking to you, lady who was pulling out of the CVS driveway in front of me. What on Earth makes you think you don't need to stop when you're coming out of a driveway? And the cunt behind me, honking her horn while I was waiting to turn into the Rainbow parking lot? There were cars in the way. What the fuck would you have me do, you fucking twat? Crash into the cars there, blocking both lanes so you couldn't get by, because there's a moving van blocking the lane just ahead? FUCK THE HELL OFF.

Coming home and cooking was therapeutic; so that's good. The Twins won and F-Bomb pitched really fucking well again. So, yay for that. Tomorrow's another day and it's almost bed time. I can get through this.

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