04 April 2010

I got a puppy!

His name is Jasper. Okay, so it's not a real puppy. He's more of a yard ornament. But I still think he's pretty bitchin'. My parents bought a couple similar statuettes for their friends who just moved into a new house. For whatever reason, my dad went back and got one for me. He said it was because I've always wanted a puppy. Never mind that I actually had a puppy of my very own once. I'm still delighted.

Jasper was pretty much the highlight of my weekend. I had to spend nearly two hours at church last night, as my future sister-in-law was being confirmed. She converted to Catholicism. Easter vigil mass is the ultimate in suck. It's late on Saturday and it takes for-goddamn-fucking-ever. So many readings, so much bullshit. One of the readings was the story of Creation from ... Genesis? Hearing it read aloud just really makes me wonder how people can take that as gospel (pun only somewhat intended). Good Lord almighty, are people dumb. IT'S A STORY.

The trip wasn't nearly as bad as I feared it would be, though. My sister was an asshole only once (to me ... she was an asshole to our brother at least a couple of times while I was there), and everyone else was fairly civil the rest of the time. I bonded a bit with the future sister-in-law over hairstyling plans for the wedding. Fun!

I wasn't happy about having to miss nearly all of the second basketball game last night, but once I got out of church and saw the score (okay, I actually checked it a couple of times during church) and saw stupid Duke kicking West Virginia's ass, I didn't care as much. No Jesus statute for me this year, I guess.

You know what? Jasper wasn't the only highlight. My time with the real dog was excellent. I was scolded for playing with her and getting her all riled up. My response? "What is the point of having a dog if you don't play with it?" Come on people. And it's not like I was the only one playing with her -- my brother was as well. How my sister ended up not liking dogs is beyond me. She's so odd.

I did get a lovely walk around Lake Calhoun in this afternoon. While walking to the lake, I saw a cat on a leash. This isn't that new to me at this point. It's still confusing, but I've seen it enough that it doesn't stop me in my tracks. However, at the lake, I did see something fairly ridiculous -- a bird on a leash. Based on a quick Google search, it seems it was an African gray parrot. I'm not sure if a parrot on a leash (being carried, as well) is more or less odd than seeing the people with their dogs in the canine version of the Baby Bjorn.

Guess it's back to the grind tomorrow. At least my week will be shaken up a bit. I'm watching the national championship game with The Boy I Currently Like tomorrow night (GO BUTLER!), and I have other plans later in the week. Plus, BASEBALL! Of course, the Twins are starting on the West Coast, which means late nights for Jess. I guess that's the price to pay for having an outdoor stadium in a cold climate. Doesn't matter, though. I'm just glad its Spring.

Also, I'm hoping the rain we're supposed to get will help my allergies. Sweet buttery Christ, have I been miserable the last couple of days.


Little Ms Blogger said...

My family was just discussing how LONG the Easter vigil mass is and that it should count for a year's worth of church attendance.

A bird on a leash? I agree the cat on a lease thing is weird, but a bird? WTH??? However, if you drag Jasper around the lake on a leash I think it's time you book a vacation.

Jess said...

Seriously, what's the point of sitting in church for so damn long? It just makes me want to be bad.

And don't be silly -- if I take Jasper for a walk, I'll use a Doggie Bjorn.

Emily said...

Art DESPERATELY wants an African grey parrot, and I especially don't want one if I have to take it on walks.

Jess said...

Oh God, I hate birds. I was so glad that thing was on a leash, despite how ridiculous the idea of a bird on a leash is.

Art would have been totally stoked, because they had the parrot AND a dog. It wouldn't have shocked me if they'd been pushing a cat in a stroller, to better round out the menagerie.

By the way, Emily, I was thinking about making it a post of its own, but as the days pass, my memory fades. I had a dream the other night where you and I were banned for life from the Herkimer because of something we were looking at on your brand-new iPad. And it sucked, because for some reason, I had to do my laundry at the Herk.

Crazy 4 Flavour! said...

Do you think that getting a "Jasper" might solve the problem of MY WIFE's catz digging it up every time I try to re-seed a bare patch of lawn? ;)

On a more serious side, I think that MOST Christians (well, apart from the Romans and a few more extreme ones) take the story in Genesis as what Terry Pratchett would describe as "lies to children" - you know, when they are too young to understand where babies come from, they get the "Stork Story".

Can you imagine a rabii of umpteen millennia ago trying to explain to the unsophisticated peoples of the times how the Big Bang happened?

I think most of us believe that God created earth in 7 days (well, at least it was something that he did with very little effort). He created the rain (okay, He put in place the laws of physics that made rain not just possible but likely). He created the sun and the stars (yep - all in that figurative 7 days)

Genesis (IMHO) is a figurative story that can be easily understood. Over the millennia He has let us discover more and more, so that we can understand things like particle physics, so that NOW we can understand the LITERAL way that it all came about.

(If you hear no more from me after this, then assume that I'm wrong and start believing in Genesis LITERALLY!!!)