29 April 2010

A few things might possibly be coming up Milhouse.

Today, I got pulled off what I was doing to work on an URGENT PROJECT. And I was so fucking excited, y'all. This means I don't have to work with my colleague on the East Coast, Chicken Little.

Of course, he wouldn't let the moment pass without chastising me for helping with the "enabling" of the client and with one of our salespeople. I'm so very sorry that our boss asked me directly to work on the project and that he patched me in to the call with the salesperson. Just trying to help out when people need me. God fucking forbid.

The really good shit happened at the gym, though. Yoga was something of a nightmare -- they didn't turn off the lights until after I'd gone up to the front desk twice and then our instructor went up once. The martial arts class was doing their testing, so there were all kinds of extra people and kids around, who apparently couldn't tell that they should be quiet in a dark, quiet room. Fucking idiots. Also, there's child care at the gym. Maybe you should put your goddamn kids in the child care instead of having them run wild all over the damn gym. Just a thought.

Also, I think I have a girl crush on our Thursday substitute yoga instructor.

I should point out STEPHANIE was at yoga, which totally made my day.

Judgy McJudgerson turned out to be totally worth something. She joined LA Fitness for a great deal. I have the guy's information and I'm calling tomorrow. I can save like, $150-$200 if this works. AWESOME! I'm hoping I go through with calling the guy tomorrow, because this is the thing I've been waiting for. I have BIG EXPECTATIONS for this. Stephanie is going to try to get in on the deal, too.

Oh, and tomorrow is Friday. I get to hang out with The Boy I Currently Like tomorrow night and I get to do some deck drinking with the Law Talkin' Gal on Saturday. Seriously, shit's not too terrible right now.


Stephanie said...

I am seriously torn between just joining already and sticking out my last few free months at Bally's. I wasn't planning on shelling out for a gym membership this week so it SEEMS expensive even though it's really not. Also Bally's is terrible. Torn!

Jess said...

I know. I figured it was going to end up being June for me, and maybe not even then, because apparently my siblings and I are throwing an anniversary party for our parents. That's going to be spendy.

But if I can do this for like, one-third of what I thought I'd have to pay ... Plus, I'm years past my contract with Bally. I just have to make sure they stop charging me my monthly dues (and they're notorious for charging long after you've dropped).

I'll let you know what I do!

Stephanie said...

Yeah, let me know if you sign up today! I feel like I COULD be swayed. Maybe. I don't know. Gah. I don't do well with short deadlines when it comes to decisions about money!

Jess said...

My biggest concern is going into it without checking the club out.