07 April 2010

Breaking out of the routine.

I'm tired, buzzed and full of itchiness and sneezes (fucking allergies), so this will be short. But at least I'm writing something, right? Actually, I'm not sure blogging just to blog is such a great thing. Still, I'm not forcing myself to write this or anything.

The change that comes over people in this part of the country when Spring finally arrives is sometimes astounding. Obviously, pretty much everyone is going to have a touch of cabin fever and be eager to get outside once it finally warms up. But the serious change in demeanor, in outlook on life, that comes over people, is something I feel like I'm experiencing for the first time.

Winter blows. Do not get me wrong. But I've lived in Minnesota essentially all my life, and the winters have gotten easier. I never used to let the cold and snow stop me from going out and doing things. Maybe this year was different because of my less-than-ideal financial situation. Perhaps I'm just getting older. It could be that we finally had something approaching a normal winter and I reverted to what I would have done in a normal winter 10 years ago. I don't know.

What I do know, is that I'm so glad that everyone is coming out and shaking off the cobwebs, shedding layers and actually doing stuff again. Even if it means fucking up my beloved routine, I'm doing the same. I skipped the gym Monday night to hang out with The Boy I Currently Like, and tonight I blew off yoga to attend a surprise birthday for the lovely Diana.

So, yay for doing shit. Yay for talking about Fry-a-thon, the Basilica Block Party and Girls' Weekend. Yay for feeling fucking human again.


Reuben said...

Best part of Spring: Everyone starts wearing less clothing! YAY!

is that creepy? maybe i should keep that to myself.

Jess said...

I think you're fine letting the world know. After all, you did say "everyone." That's equal opportunity and whatnot.