08 April 2010

Awesome triumphs.

Today could have been pretty shitty. I'm exhausted because a) my allergies are going crazy, which fucks with my sleep and b) I've been staying up late watching the Twins play in Anaheim. Work has been shitty, stressful and annoying. And I have wicked bad cramps.

However! There are a few things that I saw/read/heard today that totally put today in, if not the fully awesome category, it's at least pretty damn good.

1. Target Field, the new outdoor home of the Minnesota Twins, was awarded LEED Silver Certification today. It's just the second LEED-certified MLB park in the country, and they got two more points than the Nationals, so suck on it, Washington. They're using recycled rainwater to irrigate the field, there are recycling bins all around the park, public/alternative transportation to get to the field is abundant, AND, they even managed to reclaim wood from the Minneapolis Lakers' basketball court to use at one of the bars/taverns/pubs in the park. Pretty fucking sweet.

2. Got an e-mail from Driftless Organics today with pictures of the seedlings I will eventually be eating in the not-too-distant future. CSA time cannot get here fast enough.

3. I came home from yoga and flipped around on the TV to find some background noise to accompany my fucking around until the Twins game started. I landed on TNT for the Cavs/Bulls game. The dulcet tones of Kevin Harlan greeted my ears. While I unpacked my Trader Joes's goodies, I heard a familiar voice. Could it really be? Kevin McHale? I wasn't entirely sure, but I picked up the phone immediately to alert The Boy I Currently Like. You have no idea how happy it made me to hear McHale and Harlan working together again. Once upon a time, they did Timberwolves games. Back when the Wolves were about as bad as they are now. They said and did some crazy shit. I remember McHale eating while broadcasting on more than one occasion. So, the hoops weren't all that entertaining (okay, they were, but the heartbreak was CONSTANT). The announcing more than made up for it. Those are fond memories. And I knew I wouldn't be watching long, nor would I hear crazy shit. But I could remember the crazy shit from the past. So, I was happy.

4. Tomorrow is Friday.

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scargosun said...

Excellent day! I hear ya on the CSA. My body needs some fresh local veggies!