29 April 2010

A few things might possibly be coming up Milhouse.

Today, I got pulled off what I was doing to work on an URGENT PROJECT. And I was so fucking excited, y'all. This means I don't have to work with my colleague on the East Coast, Chicken Little.

Of course, he wouldn't let the moment pass without chastising me for helping with the "enabling" of the client and with one of our salespeople. I'm so very sorry that our boss asked me directly to work on the project and that he patched me in to the call with the salesperson. Just trying to help out when people need me. God fucking forbid.

The really good shit happened at the gym, though. Yoga was something of a nightmare -- they didn't turn off the lights until after I'd gone up to the front desk twice and then our instructor went up once. The martial arts class was doing their testing, so there were all kinds of extra people and kids around, who apparently couldn't tell that they should be quiet in a dark, quiet room. Fucking idiots. Also, there's child care at the gym. Maybe you should put your goddamn kids in the child care instead of having them run wild all over the damn gym. Just a thought.

Also, I think I have a girl crush on our Thursday substitute yoga instructor.

I should point out STEPHANIE was at yoga, which totally made my day.

Judgy McJudgerson turned out to be totally worth something. She joined LA Fitness for a great deal. I have the guy's information and I'm calling tomorrow. I can save like, $150-$200 if this works. AWESOME! I'm hoping I go through with calling the guy tomorrow, because this is the thing I've been waiting for. I have BIG EXPECTATIONS for this. Stephanie is going to try to get in on the deal, too.

Oh, and tomorrow is Friday. I get to hang out with The Boy I Currently Like tomorrow night and I get to do some deck drinking with the Law Talkin' Gal on Saturday. Seriously, shit's not too terrible right now.

28 April 2010

Kitchen Therapy.

Ugh. Today was just as bad as yesterday -- possibly worse, because I woke up this morning certain it was Thursday. I realized it wasn't and was bummed. I hit the snooze, woke up a few minutes later thinking it was Thursday again. Mother. Fucker.

Things got worse at work. My computer was ridiculously slow. People were annoying the shit out of me. I'm sure there was other stuff, but my brain is fried and I really can't remember most of it. It was bad enough that there were several times during the day I wanted to crawl under my desk and cry.

I had to miss yoga tonight, but it turned out to be not that big of a deal. I missed yoga because I was going to Let's Dish! with my sister and future sister-in-law. My sister and I did it two years ago, both then and tonight it was part of a summer trip fundraiser for her school.

The big difference this year was that instead of four meals, we did 12. Or, we were supposed to do 12. My sister called shortly after I got home, asking if we'd done one of the meals. We hadn't. Oops. I chalk that up to my fried brain, and just the general hecticness of it all. It must happen fairly often, because they had no problem letting her come back tomorrow to make that meal (actually, two of the same meal).

Somehow, I also ended up with only five meals to the others' seven. But my sister remedied that by splitting one she split with the sister-in-law-to-be. I hope my SILTB (I pronounced that "silt-b" in my head) enjoyed herself. She's apparently not much of a cook. I don't know if she can't cook, or she's never really tried or she maybe can a little but isn't that confident.

The nice thing about Let's Dish! is that it's really just meal assembly. You only have to measure/count ingredients and put them together. Well, you do have to prepare it later, but it's nothing complicated. There's no chopping or anything like that. Sure, I'd rather make stuff myself. However, it's a nice change of pace to have all this shit in my freezer that I can throw together when I want. It's not like it's processed. So, hopefully this gave SILTB some confidence and taught her something.

Even just assembling meals is therapeutic to me, it turns out. I feel so much better than I did at work. That could also be due to the fact that I know when I wake up tomorrow it WILL ACTUALLY BE THURSDAY. I have hope I'll get through this week. *crosses fingers*

27 April 2010

I'd like today to be over now, please.

Honestly, I 'd be in bed right now if I hadn't cooked when I got home from the gym. Or, I'd be awfully darn close.

Today has kicked my motherfucking ass. Work was bad enough. It's nearing the end of the month, and we need to get all of our billing in by the end of the day on Friday. Not a problem for me, but for my colleague in New York, it is a HUGE FUCKING DEAL. Then again, everything is a HUGE FUCKING DEAL for him. He makes sure to let me know that. It's hard not to get caught up in his Chicken Little bullshit, and he routinely freaks out on me for little things. But hey -- that's why I'm getting paid the big bucks, right?

I thought maybe heading to the gym would improve things. I couldn't wait to get there, which is a very good indicator of how shitty my day was. My drive to the gym is when my fellow drivers thought they'd pile on to my bad day. Who are these people who think driving rules and road signs don't apply to them? I'm not going to lie -- I was secretly (only because I was alone and a public display of delight would have been wasted) delighted to see someone who parked in a no parking zone get a ticket, because they were apparently too lazy to park properly on the way to work out.

Yoga was good, though. I decided early on to not judge others (not before I'd judged the guy wearing jean shorts) or myself. I felt strong and centered and didn't worry about what I could and couldn't do. Class went long and I didn't care too much that I was running late in my errands and shit I needed to do at home.

Of course, the assholes that kept pulling out in front of me on the road on the way to Rainbow after class ruined my mood. I'm talking to you, lady who was pulling out of the CVS driveway in front of me. What on Earth makes you think you don't need to stop when you're coming out of a driveway? And the cunt behind me, honking her horn while I was waiting to turn into the Rainbow parking lot? There were cars in the way. What the fuck would you have me do, you fucking twat? Crash into the cars there, blocking both lanes so you couldn't get by, because there's a moving van blocking the lane just ahead? FUCK THE HELL OFF.

Coming home and cooking was therapeutic; so that's good. The Twins won and F-Bomb pitched really fucking well again. So, yay for that. Tomorrow's another day and it's almost bed time. I can get through this.

23 April 2010

That's not right.

Earlier in the week, I was invited to a pizza party tonight for Blondie's birthday. I told her I didn't think I'd be able to make it, because I had a family thing. When the Prison Librarian later sent me a text asking if I wanted to carpool with her and KayGee, I said I was going to my nephew's track meet if the weather was nice.

That's right -- my family thing was my nephew's track meet. And I wondered what my friends thought of that. I often wonder what they think when I say I can't do this thing or that thing because my nephew has something or other going on. I mean, they're just his football games, or basketball games or track meets or baseball games or programs or whatever. I can skip that, right?

The thing is, I really feel like I should go to as much of his stuff as I can. For one thing, I adore the kid. He's great. But also, his dad is an asshole. Once upon a time, he used to come to several games a year. Now, though? He doesn't come to shit. My nephew has pointed out a few times over the last couple of years that his uncle comes to far more games than his dad.

It just breaks my heart. And my nephew has really started to realize what a jackass his dad is. In addition to the whole "my uncle comes to more of my stuff than my dad does," thing, he's realizing that just in general, his dad is an ass. His dad will say he can't come up for whatever event my nephew has going on because he has to do something with/for his wife/daughter/stepson. That's right -- apparently, his wife's son rates higher than his own.

When my nephew is actually at his dad's on alternating (at best) weekends and wants to spend time with just his dad, my ex-brother-in-law can't because he has to take care of shit with/for his wife/daughter/stepson. It's fucking bullshit. Things have gotten to the point where he starts worrying about going to his dad's weeks ahead of time. Tonight, after his track meet, he was saying he felt sick and was nearly in tears about going to his dad's -- and he's only staying there tomorrow night.

My sister was talking about this tonight and she said she told him that he needs to talk to his dad about this. My nephew said he did once, but his dad just made him feel bad. I seriously almost started bawling right there in the bleachers. I know he has to figure it out at some point, and there are so many people out there with shitty dads, but ... I hate it.

So, despite the fact that my family drives me nuts, I put up with them because I want to be there to show my nephew that not everyone in his life is a selfish asshole. Every time I get upset with my family members and just don't want to spend time with them because they make me feel horrible, I suck it up because I just won't abandon my nephew like his dad has done. Sure, I'm nothing like a dad, but I do what I can. That's what I have to remember when I feel like people are judging me for spending time with my family members who make me crazy. I'll continue to spend time with my family and to volunteer to hang out with him, take him to things and pick him up from shit as long as necessary.

22 April 2010

This is what happens when you can too many people.

Look, I realize the Twins are not doing well today, but I highly doubt the alleged killer in Seward murders is really having his teeth x-rayed at Target Field. I fail to see any link at all between the two stories.

The intricacies of trying to figure out how old the kid is so it can be determined whether or not he can be tried as an adult are almost certainly more interesting than Scott Baker's lackluster pitching performance. But come on.

21 April 2010

An interesting choice of words.

I realize that Target Field, the Twins' new outdoor home, is something of a destination. However, is the destination the reason you're going? Or are you GOING TO WATCH THE TWINS BEAT CLEVELAND?

After yoga tonight, our instructor asked if anyone had been doing anything fun outside. I mentioned that we had class outside last night. Then a classmate said she went to Target Field last night. Really? Just for the hell of it? To hang out on the plaza?

I'm not sure I've heard anyone else say it that way, "I went/am going to Target Field." You're going to the goddamn Twins game. Perhaps she's a casual fan. I don't know. She wasn't the new girl I was nice to before class (I even gave her a mat wipe to wipe down the shitty Bally mat she had to use), so I don't know anything about her (not that I know anything about the other girl).

Why I'm so mildly incensed about this is beyond me. I mean, I'm a fairly die-hard Twins fan, and this is the best start they've had since 1987, the year they won their first World Series, so what the fuck do I care about the stadium? They're playing GREAT baseball. On the other hand, I'm totally stoked for my first trip. It's not until August at this point, but I'm pretty sure I'll get to a game before that.

In the meantime, I'll watch Dick'n'Bert on TV and listen to Gordo and Dazzle (or Jack Morris or that guy Chris who was doing the game tonight and usually does the out-of-town scoreboard update) and just enjoy the ride. I would like to see the Minnie and Paul sign light up at night when someone hits a homer. The only homers I've actually seen have been in day games, and you can't see the sign light up for shit during the day.

20 April 2010

I think this is a great idea.

Employers should dump performance reviews.

Then again, in my many years of employment, I can think of three performance reviews I've had; only one of which resulted in a raise. They were all glowing, but still SO STRESSFUL.

Do away with them!

19 April 2010

What part of "leave me out of this" do people not understand?

This family Facebook drama will just not end. Saturday night, my brother sent me (and my sister, I'm guessing) a text telling us to check out what our cousin was posting.

Of course, this leads to much back-and-forth over a few days with my siblings. My brother wants to do some big unfriending and my sister is threatening to call my cousin. Her shit-talking was apparently directed toward my mom, because my cousin posted something about moving, then my brother asked my mom what that was all about, and my mom asked me and I knew nothing, and then I don't know who else was in the chain, but it must have gotten back to my cousin.

So my cousin is all offended that anyone would dare ask what the fuck she meant about moving and refers to my mom as her "aunt." Just like that -- "aunt" in quotation marks, like she's not really her mother's sister. The best part, though, is this little gem: "I'll continue to let assumptions be made as my life will always be my business and my business only." Except, you know, until you post your business on Facebook, where it becomes the business of your 235 friends.

I realize all of that is ridiculous and I love to mock people for being morons. However, I don't think my siblings need to stick up for my mom, or make some grand gesture about unfriending one horrible cousin. No one will listen to me when I say we should JUST FUCKING IGNORE IT. I want to pretend she doesn't exist. I don't want to get involved. Yet, my family just can't let it go.

My only recourse seems to be to just ignore my siblings when they bring this up. The good news is that they won't be invited to the wedding, so there's that. Also, it could be worse -- I could be in an Internet slap fight with Scott Baio, as Jezebel is.

15 April 2010

Oh, honestly!

Nick Punto was once again a momentum killer today, but I'm letting him off the hook, because he also started a big inning for the Twins in their win over the Red Sox today.

I was exchanging e-mails with The Boy I Currently Like and had told him of Punto's momentum-killing. But then, he started momentum! When I told The Boy, he came back with, "With no one on base, how could Nick Punto not lash out a multi-base hit?" It's funny 'cause it's true.

My hatred of Jesse Crain has become well-known around the office, apparently. I came back from afternoon trivia, where we were discussing how the game was 8-0 in the eighth inning. The guys who sit behind me called me a bit closer to tell me that the Twins went into the eighth or ninth with the 8-0 lead, but they brought Jesse Crain in and he blew it and they lost 9-8. I very momentarily believed them.

As it turns out one of the two coworkers, who only comes in once a week or so, also hates Jesse Crain. The guy who sits right behind me mentioned that I also hate Jesse Crain, and so they cooked up the story. It's really sad that I actually believed them.

There are probably other things I could write about ... I must be in a pretty good mood, because I had what could have been a very shitty yoga class tonight, but I actually enjoyed it. The Boy and I went through a little rough patch recently, but we seem to have come through it without any damage. His awesomeness never ceases to amaze me. I'm struggling with feeling fat, ugly and generally disgusting, mostly because that's what I am. But I'm trying to soldier on at the gym and eat well and all that. The ugliness ... well, there's not much I can do about that.

But I have to run. I've got treats to finish for the Law Talkin' Gal's (her new blog nickname!) birthday.

14 April 2010

Nick Punto: Momentum Killer

Oh Nicky. Why do you have to go proving me right?

The Twins lost today, and it wasn't Punto's fault. I place the blame squarely on the shoulders of one Jesse Fucking Crain.

God, I hate Jesse Crain so much. I often scream in despair when he enters the game. The Boy I Currently Like was just saying a few days ago that maybe he was going to be different this year. He looked good and the Twins were keeping him out of sticky situations -- with good reason. He got himself into his own mess today, and couldn't get out. I'm considering instituting another new Twins-related feature: "Goddammit, Jesse Crain!" But that would just make me too mad.

Tomorrow is another day, and a chance to take the series from the Red Sox. That would be totally awesome.

13 April 2010

Nice work, Catholic Church.

The Vatican's Secretary of State (second in command to the Pope), said this week that pedophilia among the clergy is due to homosexuality and not celibacy.

There are at least a couple of things wrong with that statement. First, I would say that pedophilia is due to pedophiles being pedophiles. Secondly, the Vatican's Secretary of State made this statement in Chile, where one of the bigger pedophile priest scandals has involved the molestation of young girls.

Last week, The Boy I Currently Like and I were discussing this very matter. I mentioned to him that I'd just read a story about how U.S. victims are reliving their experiences now that the stories were beginning to come out about abuses in Europe. At least half of the people quoted in the story were women who had been raped/molested as young girls. I told him that it was refreshing (and I admitted that was a poor choice of words, but I really can't think of anything better) to read accounts from female victims. Because if more of that kind of thing came out, there would be less of the whole "the abusive priests are gay" bullshit.

And yet, here we are. The fucking Church saying that it's all because of the gays. Man, fuck you all. I can't really say I'm done with the Church, because I have been for quite some time. My convictions keep growing stronger, though. So, that's good.

Update: This post has apparently helped to spark quite the discussion over at MNSpeak. I've tried twice to comment there, and my stupid comments aren't showing up. So, I'll say what I had to say here.

I was raised and confirmed Catholic. However, I'm no longer a practicing Catholic. As long as I've ever spoken about The Church, I've meant that to mean The Vatican and the general administration, if you will, of the Catholic Church. I'm no theologian, but that's how I've always taken it to mean when anyone speaks about The Roman Catholic Church. The Church, the Vatican, whatever, that is body covering up the abuse and trying to blame it all on homosexuality. While individual Catholics around the world might believe the latter, I hardly imagine there's a conspiracy among the laity to cover up the sexual abuse of parishioners on a worldwide scale.

12 April 2010

New Feature!

After seeing the Twins' Nick Punto (hey, he's got a fan club! Isn't that cute?) once again kill a two-outs-with-runners-on-base rally yesterday, when he did it again today, I decided I was going to make him a new blog feature.

Welcome to Nick Punto: Momentum Killer. In today's game, which was the home opener of the brand-new Target Field, outdoor home of the Minnesota Twins, Punto did get on base at least once and had a stolen base (where he undoubtedly slid head-first into second). And this momentum killer didn't hurt them, as the beat the Twins beat the Red Sox handily to christen the new stadium. But a momentum killer is a momentum killer, whether it matters in the end or not.

Perhaps it just seems like Nick Punto is a huge rally/momentum killer. Maybe I'm being too hard on the little guy. However, it seems like The Boy I Currently Like and I discussed this many times last year. Entirely too many times. Chronicling Punto's mishaps here could prove me wrong. Or prove me (and others) right. Who knows?

I realize exactly none of you (outside of me) care about this. But you're in luck -- I'll probably forget about it within weeks. Also, this is my stupid blog, so I can write about whatever stupid bullshit I want. Yeah!

08 April 2010

Awesome triumphs.

Today could have been pretty shitty. I'm exhausted because a) my allergies are going crazy, which fucks with my sleep and b) I've been staying up late watching the Twins play in Anaheim. Work has been shitty, stressful and annoying. And I have wicked bad cramps.

However! There are a few things that I saw/read/heard today that totally put today in, if not the fully awesome category, it's at least pretty damn good.

1. Target Field, the new outdoor home of the Minnesota Twins, was awarded LEED Silver Certification today. It's just the second LEED-certified MLB park in the country, and they got two more points than the Nationals, so suck on it, Washington. They're using recycled rainwater to irrigate the field, there are recycling bins all around the park, public/alternative transportation to get to the field is abundant, AND, they even managed to reclaim wood from the Minneapolis Lakers' basketball court to use at one of the bars/taverns/pubs in the park. Pretty fucking sweet.

2. Got an e-mail from Driftless Organics today with pictures of the seedlings I will eventually be eating in the not-too-distant future. CSA time cannot get here fast enough.

3. I came home from yoga and flipped around on the TV to find some background noise to accompany my fucking around until the Twins game started. I landed on TNT for the Cavs/Bulls game. The dulcet tones of Kevin Harlan greeted my ears. While I unpacked my Trader Joes's goodies, I heard a familiar voice. Could it really be? Kevin McHale? I wasn't entirely sure, but I picked up the phone immediately to alert The Boy I Currently Like. You have no idea how happy it made me to hear McHale and Harlan working together again. Once upon a time, they did Timberwolves games. Back when the Wolves were about as bad as they are now. They said and did some crazy shit. I remember McHale eating while broadcasting on more than one occasion. So, the hoops weren't all that entertaining (okay, they were, but the heartbreak was CONSTANT). The announcing more than made up for it. Those are fond memories. And I knew I wouldn't be watching long, nor would I hear crazy shit. But I could remember the crazy shit from the past. So, I was happy.

4. Tomorrow is Friday.

07 April 2010

Breaking out of the routine.

I'm tired, buzzed and full of itchiness and sneezes (fucking allergies), so this will be short. But at least I'm writing something, right? Actually, I'm not sure blogging just to blog is such a great thing. Still, I'm not forcing myself to write this or anything.

The change that comes over people in this part of the country when Spring finally arrives is sometimes astounding. Obviously, pretty much everyone is going to have a touch of cabin fever and be eager to get outside once it finally warms up. But the serious change in demeanor, in outlook on life, that comes over people, is something I feel like I'm experiencing for the first time.

Winter blows. Do not get me wrong. But I've lived in Minnesota essentially all my life, and the winters have gotten easier. I never used to let the cold and snow stop me from going out and doing things. Maybe this year was different because of my less-than-ideal financial situation. Perhaps I'm just getting older. It could be that we finally had something approaching a normal winter and I reverted to what I would have done in a normal winter 10 years ago. I don't know.

What I do know, is that I'm so glad that everyone is coming out and shaking off the cobwebs, shedding layers and actually doing stuff again. Even if it means fucking up my beloved routine, I'm doing the same. I skipped the gym Monday night to hang out with The Boy I Currently Like, and tonight I blew off yoga to attend a surprise birthday for the lovely Diana.

So, yay for doing shit. Yay for talking about Fry-a-thon, the Basilica Block Party and Girls' Weekend. Yay for feeling fucking human again.

06 April 2010

Asshole capital of the U.S.

I don't know how many of you have followed the saga of Constance McMillen, the Mississippi high school student who wanted to take her girlfriend to her senior prom. This is a pretty good primer, if you're not up to speed.

So, the prom was canceled, but an alternative, private prom was to be planned. But it was canceled. Then there was a prom, with all of seven attendees. It wasn't long before the questions started as to whether or not the other kids had actually had the gall to pull a fast one one the lesbian and have a secret prom. And it wasn't long before it came out that those assholes did exactly that.

Lord knows that when you have a secret prom, you should promptly post pictures of said secret prom on Facebook where anyone on the Interwebs can see them. The best part of the coverage on La Figa is that one of Constance's classmates commented on a post:

**Open Minded Readers Only**
I am a senior at IAHS, and I’ve known Constance for the last 6 years. Please hear our side of the story before you decide on our fate.
The party we had in Evergreen (the county neighborhood I live in) is 30 mins away from the school. we rented out the community center, hired vendors, decorated, and our parents ran the security/chaperone staff- but it wasn’t prom. Prom was at the country club where constance and 7 other students were. The reason the senior class boycotted the actual prom was not because we hate gays. We wanted a drama-free gathering to celebrate 3 great years and 1 lousy one together, and we wanted to lay low. We also wanted to do it without the main cause of the lousy. What people are failing to realize is that much of the fault of this whole stink lies with Constance, not her mistreatment by the school district, but her crazy-reckless need for attention. It sounds mean and horrible and like we planned it all specifically to embarrass Constance, but we didn’t. We let her have her prom with her girlfriend and her tuxedo and we went to party it up in the “boondocks” not because we wanted her rights violated, but so we could salvage what has turned into a total fiasco. As a whole we didn’t support her decision to throw the district under the bus, or her insinuations that we’re all just a bunch ‘a hicks driving around in beater pick up trucks spitting tobacco and burning crosses. IAHS is one of the top schools in the state and I’m proud of that, and I’m proud that we took a stand and just said you know what? forget it, we have just as much right as you do to have a party for ourselves. So we did, and now we’re getting flack because poor Connie’s ego got a bit of bruising. She’s playing the lesbian card to prove she ALWAYS gets what she wants. This time, we didn’t just let her.
Take it as you will, because I’m sure it sounds like we faked her out, but understand this- the decision NOT to attend prom had nothing to do with the school or with Constance’s sexual preferences; it had everything to do with proving we weren’t going to let her and the ACLU steamroll us into doing what Constance wanted. We flexed the muscle of the majority and we’ll suffer the consequences.

So, they were doing it to spite Constance. That's all fine and good. But why were two learning disabled students at the fake prom and not at the secret non-prom Prom? There are so many questions that I can't even possibly get them all out. I mean, what the fuck is wrong with these parents? How small of a person are you, how fucking pathetic is your life that you have to try to stick it to a girl who just wanted the same opportunity your stupid fucking awful kids had?

There are people out there calling for the Internet to take it easy on the actual high school kids; to not spam their public (of course) Facebook pages and whatnot. Yes, their parents had just as much to do with it as they did -- probably more, since the organized and bankrolled the secret non-prom Prom. But I was a high school senior once. I was 17-years-old once, too. I didn't go to prom, but I think I would have attended the Island of Misfits Prom. My beliefs were very similar to what they are now when I was 17 or 18. I was just as much of a pinko-commie-homo-baby killer-terrorist-loving-America hater then as I am now.

Honestly, this shit makes me weary and makes me hate people. Of course, these kids all have Jesus-related stuff on their Facebook pages, as well. Because if Jesus was anything, he was a HUGE FUCKING ASSHOLE.

05 April 2010

Things that annoy me.

Example: Having to take out a nearly-empty trash bag because I threw chicken packaging away last night. My heat is still on, so it warmed up nice and good in here today, which makes the rotting chicken juice stench waft throughout the apartment that much better/faster/stronger.

Someday, I might have the foresight to put that kind of thing in a smaller bag and take it directly to the trash. Or perhaps I could start channeling The Anal Retentive Chef.

04 April 2010

I got a puppy!

His name is Jasper. Okay, so it's not a real puppy. He's more of a yard ornament. But I still think he's pretty bitchin'. My parents bought a couple similar statuettes for their friends who just moved into a new house. For whatever reason, my dad went back and got one for me. He said it was because I've always wanted a puppy. Never mind that I actually had a puppy of my very own once. I'm still delighted.

Jasper was pretty much the highlight of my weekend. I had to spend nearly two hours at church last night, as my future sister-in-law was being confirmed. She converted to Catholicism. Easter vigil mass is the ultimate in suck. It's late on Saturday and it takes for-goddamn-fucking-ever. So many readings, so much bullshit. One of the readings was the story of Creation from ... Genesis? Hearing it read aloud just really makes me wonder how people can take that as gospel (pun only somewhat intended). Good Lord almighty, are people dumb. IT'S A STORY.

The trip wasn't nearly as bad as I feared it would be, though. My sister was an asshole only once (to me ... she was an asshole to our brother at least a couple of times while I was there), and everyone else was fairly civil the rest of the time. I bonded a bit with the future sister-in-law over hairstyling plans for the wedding. Fun!

I wasn't happy about having to miss nearly all of the second basketball game last night, but once I got out of church and saw the score (okay, I actually checked it a couple of times during church) and saw stupid Duke kicking West Virginia's ass, I didn't care as much. No Jesus statute for me this year, I guess.

You know what? Jasper wasn't the only highlight. My time with the real dog was excellent. I was scolded for playing with her and getting her all riled up. My response? "What is the point of having a dog if you don't play with it?" Come on people. And it's not like I was the only one playing with her -- my brother was as well. How my sister ended up not liking dogs is beyond me. She's so odd.

I did get a lovely walk around Lake Calhoun in this afternoon. While walking to the lake, I saw a cat on a leash. This isn't that new to me at this point. It's still confusing, but I've seen it enough that it doesn't stop me in my tracks. However, at the lake, I did see something fairly ridiculous -- a bird on a leash. Based on a quick Google search, it seems it was an African gray parrot. I'm not sure if a parrot on a leash (being carried, as well) is more or less odd than seeing the people with their dogs in the canine version of the Baby Bjorn.

Guess it's back to the grind tomorrow. At least my week will be shaken up a bit. I'm watching the national championship game with The Boy I Currently Like tomorrow night (GO BUTLER!), and I have other plans later in the week. Plus, BASEBALL! Of course, the Twins are starting on the West Coast, which means late nights for Jess. I guess that's the price to pay for having an outdoor stadium in a cold climate. Doesn't matter, though. I'm just glad its Spring.

Also, I'm hoping the rain we're supposed to get will help my allergies. Sweet buttery Christ, have I been miserable the last couple of days.