21 March 2010

You call that a vacation?

Well, no, it really wasn't a vacation. But my four-day weekend seems to have flown by entirely too quickly. Ain't that always the way it goes?

It probably seemed a bit short because I didn't have much non-basketball time available for running errands and stuff. I slept later than I really wanted to on Thursday and watched basketball and made Irish soda bread until there was a break in the hoops action and I went over to The Boy I Currently Like's house.

Friday I managed to get to the grocery store, after I dropped The Boy off to pick up his car. I had to miss a bit of the second game in the afternoon to do so, however. When there is 12 hours of basketball in a day that you don't want to miss and a max of about an hour free in that time, it's just hard to get anything done.

Yesterday and today I managed to get a few things done in the morning before the games started up. The only thing that didn't get done was the gym. Oh well. I did a bunch of cooking today and yesterday while the games were on. I can see my TV from the kitchen, if I'm in the right spot. And I can always hear what's going on. It's pretty sweet. My cauliflower pasta and homemade pizza turned out excellent.

I also tried my hand at cinnamon rolls. They did not need the full 30 minutes in the oven the recipe called for, but I was a bit busy watching basketball to fully pay attention as I maybe should have. The edges are a bit tough, but the inside roll and the insides of the rest of the rolls were pretty damn good. Once again, I think I'll improve immensely the next time I make these.

But back to the hoops. Thursday was absolutely crazy, and while the rest of the opening rounds weren't quite as nuts, I can't complain too much about the tight games and thrilling upsets. Thank you, Kansas, for helping to put me in really great position in the IDYFT pool. That game busted a lot of brackets, but not mine. I didn't have Kansas in the Final Four, so that helped me a lot. Granted, I had Georgetown in the Final Four, but no further.

I suppose it'll be nice to get back to the routine of work, gym, sleep, repeat. But there is more basketball to watch. And baseball is on the horizon. It was awfully fucking sweet to read about Joe Mauer's contract, and that mitigated the disappointment about the announcement of Joe Nathan's Tommy John surgery. (BTW, I totes worked with Joe Chrstensen at the Daily.) More daylight, warmish temps ... shit's getting good. I hope.

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