02 March 2010

Workout FAIL.

I had big plans to go to the gym after work tonight. My knees are getting a better, little by little. I managed to get three consecutive days in last week, with four total. Yesterday, I even upped my cardio a little.

So, I figured I could maybe even get in a full 30 minutes of cardio before yoga tonight. I was hoping, anyway. I could have pushed for it last night, but I decided to not push myself if I had three more days in a row coming up.

Turns out it would have been okay if I'd pushed myself. When I got to the car upon leaving work, I realized my yoga mat didn't make it out of the house this morning. Poop. Okay, I can do cardio. Maybe I won't be able to do a ton, but I'll be able to do something.

After a 30 minute drive from the office to the gym that featured an accident right in front of me, I arrived. (Fun note: I left work later today than yesterday, yet the sun was higher in the sky on my drive. YAY!) Looked like there might not be any parking spaces, which might have led to me just saying "Fuck it," and going home. But I found a spot! I shut off the car and went to grab my iPod that I'd been charging while I was driving ... except there was no iPod. FUCK! The battery is so screwed, it runs out during the work day now, so I didn't even have enough juice to get through 30 minutes of cardio.

I put the key back in the ignition and started the car back up. Doing cardio without my iPod in months past would have been bad enough. However, the new Bally TV features music videos. Turns out those black-screened TVs just weren't getting a feed or something.

And the videos? HOLY FUCKING SHIT. They're awful. I mean, I can't really hear the music unless I'm in the locker room, but I have marveled at how bloody fucking terrible it is. It's like, U2, Muse and then emo bands and bands that appear to be Creed knock-offs. Also, ACTUAL CREED. I shit you not. Creed! Yesterday, I saw a video for a band called The White Tie Affair. Honestly, you probably should have just called yourselves HotTopic McGirlJeans and The Douchetones and saved everyone the trouble.

I couldn't possibly have survived more than five minutes with the awful fucking music. I'm not going to put myself into a situation where I might actually hear Creed, for fuck's sake. You can't always avoid it, but if you know for a fact one of their shitty, shitty (shitty!) songs could be played, why would you take that chance?

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