04 March 2010

Newsflash! Sleep is good for you!

I could have sworn I had written some rant about Gwynnie Paltrow's ridiculous GOOP. Apparently, I haven't. That's going to change right now.

Let's just get this out of the way -- I do not like her. Not at all. She always rubbed me the wrong way, but when she was quoted (and I'm paraphrasing) as saying Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes lived the greatest love story of all time, I knew she was a fucking moron.

Now she has her GOOP. The tagline is "Nourish the Inner Aspect." Whatever the fuck that means. If I recall correctly, she chose the name because she wanted to incorporate her initials and then made up a word that didn't exist. Except it totally already did. I guess it just didn't exist in her little world of privilege.

The things she writes about generally demonstrate how painfully out-of-touch she is with ... well, the world (one caveat -- I don't mind some of the recipes). The weekly newsletters have themes -- MAKE, BUY, DO ... possibly some others. The buy and do versions are the most ridiculous. Insanely expensive (and often hideous) clothes, fancy vacations and of course, plenty of detoxes. There's never a lack of name-dropping or preachy advice from her friends, either. Oh! and workout advice from her crook of a trainer.

Today, though, she took her stupidity to a new level. Apparently, she just learned that not getting enough sleep is bad for you:

But I didn't imagine that there could be health problems associated with not getting a good night’s rest.

Really? Seriously? I'm flabbergasted. Next you'll be telling us we should breathe air and eat food. Maybe you should write a book or something. This is news people can use! Of course, she's nice enough to provide links to quilts and duvets that cost $400, top sheets that cost $225 and pajamas that don't even have prices listed (because if you have to ask, you can't afford it). Sweet!


Little Ms Blogger said...

I think she promoted GOOP on Oprah as being down to the earth. I checked it out and laughed my ass off.

She claims to be in touch with everyday things, but, ummm....she's out there.

Jess said...

I'm sure it seems down-to-earth to Oprah "I won't make eye contact with people waiting for the bus" Winfrey.

Gwynnie is her own kind of oblivious, though.

'Nelley said...

Ooooo ur such a beetch! ha ha ha, I LOVE it! Yet another reason why I follow your blog.
Good news! I have an award for you at my blog. Come and get it dearie! ;)