25 March 2010

It's nice to know when you're getting screwed.

Today, we received yet another "please disregard" about an e-mail we received from an HR person in another division of the company.

Oh, you want us to disregard the e-mail that says the other company in our division, the company of which we are a part (the e-mail went to "all company X associates"), gets about eight times as much annually from the company for their 401k? I'll disregard that just like I disregarded the e-mail you sent to all of us letting us know that everyone else gets to carry over a lot of vacation, while we can't carry over a single day.

Don't fucking tell me that you're making all these changes to put us under the same umbrella; to streamline benefits or whatever fucking bullshit corporate HR speak you're spewing. That is clearly not the case. It's bad enough that you're doing it, you really don't need to rub our noses in the fact that we're getting fucked,

Let's not forget the HR/benefits/payroll people fucked up my social security number, didn't pay me when we changed payroll systems and apparently didn't give someone his/her raise. I was right to check to make sure my raise had come through.

Honestly, you're a huge, international company. You can't get HR people who can't figure out a fucking distribution list? Assholes.

While I'm bitching about shit, how the fuck is it that the only toilet I used today (and I peed a lot) that had been flushed by the person who used it before me was my own? And don't even try to tell me you're conserving water, you stupid skanks in the office building bathroom. I see how much fucking paper you throw all over the damn floor.


Little Ms Blogger said...

And you didn't take that the job offer - why again?

Jess said...

Because I'm a fucking moron?