05 March 2010

I win stuff.

While my fantasy football season was less-than-stellar, I still managed to win at least one football-related contest this year, much the same as I did last year.

Instead of winning the regular season contest sponsored by novelist and IDYFT contributor Andrew Wice, this year I won the playoffs version. Not that I did horribly in the regular season version. I did come in second, after all.

My prize arrived in the mail yesterday. Since I already own a lovely To The Last Drop t-shirt, Wice offered to send me a random item from his house. I could have chosen an additional t-shirt, but I like to live dangerously. And I'm glad I took what was behind Door No. 3, because I got The Simpsons Trivia Game!

I already have The Simpsons Trivia game, so this one is going to The Boy I Currently Like's with me tomorrow night so I can humiliate him like I've wanted to do since the day we met. Seriously, playing Simpsons trivia was one of the activities I suggested for the first time we hung out. We've yet to play it. (Also, I think the containers are different, so they might be different versions. I didn't get around to making a comparison last night.)

So, in conclusion, I rule. This feels like a precursor to my certain dominance in the NCAA tourney contests I'll surely enter. I need another Jesus Statue, dammit.

Also, you should totally buy Wice's book.

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Little Ms Blogger said...

I love how you use "Jesus Statue" and "dammit" in the same sentence.