19 March 2010

I am not going to buy your shit.

Sweet, buttery Christ, what is it with commercials and the NCAA Tournament? Every year, there is at least one that has me ready to beat someone senseless.

There are several that had both me and The Boy I Currently Like groaning in agony the second they started last night and today. The Southwest commercials with the baggage handlers flashing the plane. The ... is it Applebee's? The appetizer trio commercials. He hates one more than I do and I hate the other a little more than he does. It works out nicely for us?

I swear, there always seems to be just a handful that rotate over, and over, and over again, until you want to gouge your eyes out and stuff them in your ears.

There are commercials that were around last year at this time, too. The Axe Body Spray X-treme sports "Double Pits to Chesty" spot apparently did come out at this time last year, according to my own blog post. But I asked The Boy about it today, because I knew we'd talked about it. The Buffalo Wild Wings commercials are the same as last year -- full of adults who apparently turn into pumpkins the second a game ends, because they MUST LEAVE THE BAR.

As always, the beer commercials make me stabby. Miller Lite is alternately trotting out their "triple hops brewed" bullshit and the "guys love beer but can't say 'I love you,' to a woman" schtick. The latter is new and SO FUCKING STUPID. Seriously, this shit makes me sad for my gender sometimes.

I'm having trouble coming up with the other commercials that make me want to lose my shit. The UPS commercials that use music from The Postal Service still piss me off, because I fucking hate that guy. Those are not new spots, however. They just seem to be in much, much, much heavier rotation during the tournament. I do enjoy the irony(?) of UPS marketing themselves with music from a band called The Postal Service.

But wait! Now we're in a commercial break, so maybe I'll see something that jogs my memory. Except, it's the Southwest commercial and back to the game. Either way, I generally dislike the ad industry, because they constantly insult my intelligence.

At least the hoops action has been, to quote The Boy, "B-A-N-A-N-A-S." Yesterday was one of the best days of tournament action I could ever remember -- three OT games and seven decided by three points or fewer. Today hasn't been as crazy, but some of these games that looked to be blowouts are turning into actual games.

After Georgetown lost last night, I thought my bracket was completely and totally fucked, but I'm currently in a three-way tie for first. That'll change considerably tomorrow and Sunday. And I'm totally bummed about my Gophers, but at least they didn't totally shit the bed like The Boy's Hoyas did.

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kate said...

I'm currently ready to light my TV on fire because of the Kia commerecial with the goddamn toys driving. If I hear that song or see that sock money one more time, I'm pretty sure my head will explode.