23 March 2010

Hello, Spring.

I could not go to the gym tonight. It was just too damn nice out to work out indoors. So, I walked around Lake Calhoun instead. And it was delightful. Granted, the wind coming off the mostly-ice covered lake was a bit nipply at time, the warm sun helped to mitigate that.

Now I'm home and watching the Twins game. Yes, it's preseason, but I don't remember preseason games during prime time. That may just be because I'm forgetful. Doesn't matter, though. I walked around the lake, my windows are open and I'm watching baseball. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING.

I was going to say that you could totally tell this is a preseason game by listening to Bert Blyleven and Denard Span talking about potential bathroom issues at the new Target Field, but then I remembered it was Bert Blyleven doing the talking. He doesn't give a shit if it's preseason or not.

Walking around the lake totally helped feed my dog addiction, too. I'm going through a little bit of Puppy Cam withdrawal as they've all gone to their forever homes. However, the cam is still on, and the adult dogs are on it, which is good enough for me.

Seriously, I'm beginning to get a little worried about my dog addiction. I wonder if this is what women who are baby crazy feel like. I want a dog so fucking bad, you don't even know. E-mails from The Daily Puppy might be helping or hurting. I'm not sure. It's certainly not doing anything for me when they're ugly rat dogs. But I've started realizing that the range of dogs I think are cute has started expanding. That can't be good. The Boy I Currently Like is not helping matters, either. Not only do we often discuss The Daily Puppy and Puppy Cam, but he sends me videos like this. It's downright cruel.

Back to baseball -- it's nice to see Pat Neshek back on the mound. Okay, I'm all over the place. I'm just so glad the weather is starting to improve and baseball is around the corner. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and things are really going to start getting better. So, that's good.


Emily said...

Art is dog crazy in the way women get baby crazy. Every time we pass a dog on the street, it's all "PUPPY!"

Jess said...

Oh, thank God. I thought it was just me. It often takes every ounce of willpower I have to not knock people down to steal their dogs.

Anonymous said...

i'm not quite as bad as you, i just have the need to pet every dog i see on the street. must still be missing the family dogs, moved from FL to MA last July.