24 March 2010

Facebook is not the place to air your family drama.

Especially if you are members of MY family. Seriously. I love the Interwebs, but sometimes I also hate them.

You may recall my post from a little more than a week ago about my grandpa's fall and head injury. Well, he's not dead and he's no longer in the hospital. He's been in the nursing home in my hometown for about a week.

I probably shouldn't be shocked that the doctors in the hospital in Mankato seem to be a bit inept. After all, it's the same health system that completely fucked up my thyroid medication -- to the point that the thyroid I had removed because of cancer STARTED GROWING BACK.

A little background -- within a day of grandpa's arrival at the nursing home, my grandma was getting on the last nerve of the nursing home staff. This weekend, my mom and two of her sisters went down to the nursing home to have grandpa sign a DNR (do not resuscitate order, in case you're not aware). They also decided that it was time for my grandparents to sell their car. After all, grandpa is not getting out of the nursing home and grandma had her license taken away some time ago. And they are going to need the money to pay for their care.

Grandma wasn't happy about this news and went to tell one of the Evil Aunts. Evil Aunt 1 then called her youngest sister and completely lost her shit, saying, "I'll be damned if I'm going to spend my money on gas carting them around." Turns out that when she and Evil Aunt 2 had to drive the grand'rents somewhere, they used the grand'rents car and the grand'rents paid for gas. Even the night grandpa fell, they went to the grand'rents house and got their car in the wee hours of the morning to drive the 15ish miles to Mankato.

That was apparently the last cobweb being swept away from my mom's eyes. She thought maybe my the Evil Aunts were just in denial about their parents' failing health. Yeah, the idea that they were greedy, awful people was there, but apparently this crystallized it.

Fast forward to last night. I get a text from my brother telling me and my sister to check out what one of Evil Aunt's daughters is posting on Facebook. I'd never have known if he hadn't told me about it, as I have her and her sister blocked. She'd posted something about people in my hometown being nosy and in other people's business and whatnot.

My brother then called and I got the background on what the hell she was talking about. Apparently, my grandma -- WHO HAS DEMENTIA -- has been wandering around town, ostensibly down to the nursing home to visit grandpa. People see her out and about and have been calling my mom and her sisters. Evil Aunt 1 pitched a fit, saying, "just let her do what she wants." So, they told her essentially, fine, we'll have everyone call you.

So my cousin posts this on Facebook and people start chiming in, including the wives of two of the sons of Evil Aunt 2. My cousin even makes sure to talk shit about small towns, because she got out of our small hometown to a slightly larger town. *insert over-the-top eyeroll here* Then, two of the Catholic cousins who were treated poorly along with my siblings and me, posted. Then the shit really hit the fan. My sister called like three times wondering what we should do. Luckily, I convinced her to just stay out of it.

And yes, I realize that I'm essentially rehashing this on another part of the Interwebs, but none of you know these people and I'm not giving details. I could, because I copied the whole thing and saved it, in case we end up needing it for court. Unfortunately, I can see it going there. Possibly because I remember my mom having to testify against Evil Aunt 2 in her divorce proceedings. Yeah, that's how fucked up this family is. Awesome!


Anonymous said...

my deepest sympathies for having to deal with a fucked up family. i so can relate. in fact, it is the one
totally unexpected benefit of moving
hundreds of miles away from my entire
family; i don't have to deal with the day to day drama. good luck and i
hope things work out for you all.

Jess said...

Thanks, Barbara. I swear, I got along the best with my family when I was in North Carolina for college. That was awesome. There's definitely something to be said for distance.

Anonymous said...

where in NC? i have a sister living in Lenoir.

Jess said...

Wilmington, at UNC Wilmington.