10 March 2010


I really feel like I've been neglecting Ye Olde Blog lately. There are days I really don't feel like I have anything to say, and days where I have a lot to say, but I just don't have the time to write it or I'm exhausted and just don't have the energy to type.

Maybe I'm just going through a phase. Lord knows I have things to complain about. Like all the new people who have moved into the neighborhood who insist on parking in front of everyone's sidewalk access so we're forced to climb snowbanks, navigate slabs of ice, slog through mud or splash through puddles to get from the street to our homes.

Am I just bothered by this because I'm a cranky old person? Or would that bug y'all, too? It's not like we have an abundance of driveways or anything. There's exactly one on my block on my side of the street. I don't care if I am mad because I'm a cranky old person. It pisses me off.

Work is busy, so I don't have a ton of time to read Jezebel and other sites that often give me a jumping-off point for blog posts. I've become completely addicted to Puppy Cam, but they go to their forever homes next week, so that'll free up some time.

The gym is still gross and annoying, though, no one has busted up our yoga class and the toilets have been shockingly free of feces/urine/blood.

The loo at work is getting bad again, but it's nothing like it was last year. Wow. Looking at the date on that post, I had no recollection that the disgustingness went on for so damn long. It's currently mostly just messy, with bits of paper towel everywhere. I can live with that.

So, I'm boring. Things with The Boy I Currently Like are most excellent. Honestly, he is so fucking great. I can't even tell you. And so damn cute! I am now getting paid enough to put up with the bullshit I have to put up with at work. I'm thinking about all the stuff I can do when my raise actually shows up in my paycheck. They're all boring, by the way. The most exciting things at the moment are getting a new iPod (my battery currently lasts about 2 hours and 56 minutes) and switching to L.A. Fitness.

(Is Stacey Augmon an assistant coach for Denver now? Hmmmm ... on his ESPN page, it says his next game is at the Wolves and that's why I saw him. However, he's not listed among the Nuggets coaches. That's all the research I'm willing to do at this point.)

You'll probably be subjected to a lot of basketball-related posts in coming days. The Big Ten tournament starts tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have to miss the Gopher game because my brother and I are taking our nephew to watch his mom sing in some school thing. Hopefully they will win so I can watch on Friday. Even if they don't, there is plenty of hoops action in the coming days, and next week is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

So there you go: my blog is the suck lately and I am terribly sorry. I'm not going to promise it'll get better, but I hope it will. I've got to head into my fourth blogiversary with a full head of steam, right?


Reuben said...

When you neglect the blog, you neglect me.

Jess said...

At least you still get all the awesome Facebook status updates?