11 March 2010

Before long, I'll be yelling at them to get off my lawn.

I do not care for teenagers. I'm not entirely sure I liked my fellow teenagers all that much when I was one, but man do I really kinda hate them now.

Case in point: earlier this evening, my brother and I took our nephew to see his mom perform in this ... school thing. The teachers put on a show to raise money for scholarships or some shit.

We were surrounded by teenagers. Girls to either side of us, a row of boys behind us and an auditorium full of others. The boys behind us yakked the entire goddamn show. It would have been just fine if they'd talked during the breaks, which were long and plentiful (it was opening night). But no, they kept talking during the singing and skits.

Possibly the worst, though, was the jackass who sang along to the Barbra Streisand medley (which didn't really seem like a medley ... I didn't recognize any separate songs, but then again, I don't know a whole lot of Babs's catalog). Badly, I might add. Apparently, my brother heard him say, "It was in The Land Before Time."

Dirty looks didn't shut him up. But an 11-year-old boy turning around and saying "Shut up," with a decidedly Napoleon Dynamite inflection proved to be just the trick. I tried to be all proper and said, "You could have been nicer about it. But good job." He'll be a teenager I actually like, I think.


Respectfully Yours said...

I'm with ya on that. I almost had a "run in" with a punk the other night. He was literally riding his bike comming towards me in my lane. He was so cocky..had a little punk hat on too. When he finally moved over so I could drive by, I honked and he gave me the finger. LIttle Shit. They are so bold. I feel your pain.

oh well why not? said...

It's like my father used to say... when I was a child, I thought as a child and spoke as a child... and when I became a man, I took that child out back and had him shot.