30 March 2010

We interrupt your regularly scheduled rant ...

I was all set to write a blog post complaining about having to spend time with my family Saturday night. And I might get that post written.


It's 72 degrees after 9:00 p.m. in March. All of my windows are open. I took a five-mile walk to and around Lake Calhoun this evening (where Stephanie may or may not have run past me ... I can't be sure. I suppose I could ask her). I saw a shit-ton of awesome dogs.

I'm feeling too good in the current moment to dwell on everything bothering me. It can wait.

29 March 2010

Oh, that's right -- I enjoy music.

Saturday night I dragged Macho Man (not really, he went more or less willingly) down to First Ave to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

I'd not been to see a show in almost a year. As far as I can remember, I saw all of two shows last year -- Neko Case and Doves. That's a significant change from just a couple of years ago. I was going to see like, 30-plus shows a year. A HUGE, major reason for that was my being broke for most of the year. There also just weren't a ton of shows I had to see. Throw in the fact that I actually need to think at my job and the number of shows I can go to see is seriously trimmed.

That seems set to change this year. I've gone to one show and have tickets for two more (The New Pornographers and Pavement), so regardless of what happens, I will see more shows this year than last. That feels pretty good.

Another reason for my lack of concert-going was that I'd also gotten out of the habit of going to shows alone. I honestly can't remember the last show I saw by myself. I know the last time I saw BRMC, it was alone. That could very well have been the last show I did solo.

And you know what? I had a brief moment Saturday, when Macho Man left to go to the bathroom, where I remembered why I actually enjoyed going to shows by myself. When you go with people, it often ends up being more that you're going out with your friends and you just happen to be going to see a band. When I go to a show by myself, it is about the music and nothing else. It's really hard for me to describe the feeling; despite being surrounded by a crowd of people, I was alone with the music. It's such an amazing feeling to me.

Don't get me wrong -- it's not that I dislike going to shows with my friends. I'm so looking forward to seeing The New Pornographers and Pavement with some of my very favorite people. However, there are situations where it's just better to go alone. I don't want to worry about whether or not the person or people with me are having fun and like the band. All that matter is that I like the band and I'm there.

I'm totally in a funk right now, but I'm really, really happy to have had that moment where I remembered that it's totally okay to go to shows alone. It's not only okay, it's fucking great.

26 March 2010

Happy Blogiversary to me.

I started this here piece of shit FOUR YEARS AGO.

My, how times have changed. I live in the same apartment and have pretty much all the same friends (plus plenty of AWESOME new friends, thanks to this blog), but there are a lot of differences in my life, too.

Honestly, I can't believe I've kept it up. There are very few things I've kept up for four years. Outside of my childhood home and many friendships, I've had two cars, two apartments and one relationship that made it to the four-year mark.

Yay me, I guess. And yay all of you for reading my bullshit. I appreciate it.

25 March 2010

It's nice to know when you're getting screwed.

Today, we received yet another "please disregard" about an e-mail we received from an HR person in another division of the company.

Oh, you want us to disregard the e-mail that says the other company in our division, the company of which we are a part (the e-mail went to "all company X associates"), gets about eight times as much annually from the company for their 401k? I'll disregard that just like I disregarded the e-mail you sent to all of us letting us know that everyone else gets to carry over a lot of vacation, while we can't carry over a single day.

Don't fucking tell me that you're making all these changes to put us under the same umbrella; to streamline benefits or whatever fucking bullshit corporate HR speak you're spewing. That is clearly not the case. It's bad enough that you're doing it, you really don't need to rub our noses in the fact that we're getting fucked,

Let's not forget the HR/benefits/payroll people fucked up my social security number, didn't pay me when we changed payroll systems and apparently didn't give someone his/her raise. I was right to check to make sure my raise had come through.

Honestly, you're a huge, international company. You can't get HR people who can't figure out a fucking distribution list? Assholes.

While I'm bitching about shit, how the fuck is it that the only toilet I used today (and I peed a lot) that had been flushed by the person who used it before me was my own? And don't even try to tell me you're conserving water, you stupid skanks in the office building bathroom. I see how much fucking paper you throw all over the damn floor.

24 March 2010

Facebook is not the place to air your family drama.

Especially if you are members of MY family. Seriously. I love the Interwebs, but sometimes I also hate them.

You may recall my post from a little more than a week ago about my grandpa's fall and head injury. Well, he's not dead and he's no longer in the hospital. He's been in the nursing home in my hometown for about a week.

I probably shouldn't be shocked that the doctors in the hospital in Mankato seem to be a bit inept. After all, it's the same health system that completely fucked up my thyroid medication -- to the point that the thyroid I had removed because of cancer STARTED GROWING BACK.

A little background -- within a day of grandpa's arrival at the nursing home, my grandma was getting on the last nerve of the nursing home staff. This weekend, my mom and two of her sisters went down to the nursing home to have grandpa sign a DNR (do not resuscitate order, in case you're not aware). They also decided that it was time for my grandparents to sell their car. After all, grandpa is not getting out of the nursing home and grandma had her license taken away some time ago. And they are going to need the money to pay for their care.

Grandma wasn't happy about this news and went to tell one of the Evil Aunts. Evil Aunt 1 then called her youngest sister and completely lost her shit, saying, "I'll be damned if I'm going to spend my money on gas carting them around." Turns out that when she and Evil Aunt 2 had to drive the grand'rents somewhere, they used the grand'rents car and the grand'rents paid for gas. Even the night grandpa fell, they went to the grand'rents house and got their car in the wee hours of the morning to drive the 15ish miles to Mankato.

That was apparently the last cobweb being swept away from my mom's eyes. She thought maybe my the Evil Aunts were just in denial about their parents' failing health. Yeah, the idea that they were greedy, awful people was there, but apparently this crystallized it.

Fast forward to last night. I get a text from my brother telling me and my sister to check out what one of Evil Aunt's daughters is posting on Facebook. I'd never have known if he hadn't told me about it, as I have her and her sister blocked. She'd posted something about people in my hometown being nosy and in other people's business and whatnot.

My brother then called and I got the background on what the hell she was talking about. Apparently, my grandma -- WHO HAS DEMENTIA -- has been wandering around town, ostensibly down to the nursing home to visit grandpa. People see her out and about and have been calling my mom and her sisters. Evil Aunt 1 pitched a fit, saying, "just let her do what she wants." So, they told her essentially, fine, we'll have everyone call you.

So my cousin posts this on Facebook and people start chiming in, including the wives of two of the sons of Evil Aunt 2. My cousin even makes sure to talk shit about small towns, because she got out of our small hometown to a slightly larger town. *insert over-the-top eyeroll here* Then, two of the Catholic cousins who were treated poorly along with my siblings and me, posted. Then the shit really hit the fan. My sister called like three times wondering what we should do. Luckily, I convinced her to just stay out of it.

And yes, I realize that I'm essentially rehashing this on another part of the Interwebs, but none of you know these people and I'm not giving details. I could, because I copied the whole thing and saved it, in case we end up needing it for court. Unfortunately, I can see it going there. Possibly because I remember my mom having to testify against Evil Aunt 2 in her divorce proceedings. Yeah, that's how fucked up this family is. Awesome!

23 March 2010

Hello, Spring.

I could not go to the gym tonight. It was just too damn nice out to work out indoors. So, I walked around Lake Calhoun instead. And it was delightful. Granted, the wind coming off the mostly-ice covered lake was a bit nipply at time, the warm sun helped to mitigate that.

Now I'm home and watching the Twins game. Yes, it's preseason, but I don't remember preseason games during prime time. That may just be because I'm forgetful. Doesn't matter, though. I walked around the lake, my windows are open and I'm watching baseball. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING.

I was going to say that you could totally tell this is a preseason game by listening to Bert Blyleven and Denard Span talking about potential bathroom issues at the new Target Field, but then I remembered it was Bert Blyleven doing the talking. He doesn't give a shit if it's preseason or not.

Walking around the lake totally helped feed my dog addiction, too. I'm going through a little bit of Puppy Cam withdrawal as they've all gone to their forever homes. However, the cam is still on, and the adult dogs are on it, which is good enough for me.

Seriously, I'm beginning to get a little worried about my dog addiction. I wonder if this is what women who are baby crazy feel like. I want a dog so fucking bad, you don't even know. E-mails from The Daily Puppy might be helping or hurting. I'm not sure. It's certainly not doing anything for me when they're ugly rat dogs. But I've started realizing that the range of dogs I think are cute has started expanding. That can't be good. The Boy I Currently Like is not helping matters, either. Not only do we often discuss The Daily Puppy and Puppy Cam, but he sends me videos like this. It's downright cruel.

Back to baseball -- it's nice to see Pat Neshek back on the mound. Okay, I'm all over the place. I'm just so glad the weather is starting to improve and baseball is around the corner. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and things are really going to start getting better. So, that's good.

22 March 2010

Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

This is my opinion of the historic "health care reform" legislation that passed the House yesterday, and awaits President Obama's signature. Then, it has to go back to the Senate, to have the kinks worked out, as it were.

I don't really think you can call it health care reform, because it's mostly about insurance. I hate that there are abortion restrictions. I hate that we still don't have a public option, or even better, a single-payer system. But I like that women won't be charged more than men for health insurance; I like that people (eventually) won't be denied because of preexisting conditions; that people will have health care, for fuck's sake.

It's silly for me to be disappointed that it's not everything I want. Well, it's not silly. It gives me, and everyone else who feels the same way, something to work toward. Rome wasn't built in a day and all that. I hate saying "It's better than nothing," but that's the truth. It's pretty much better than what we have now. And you have to start somewhere.

As for Rep. Noogiebooger (R-TX) and his shouting "It's a baby killer" during while my favorite guy ever, Rep. Bart Stupak, was speaking on the House floor ... where do I start? Yes, the executive order proclaiming no federal funds would be used for abortion, as well as legislation that gives better access to health care for expectant mothers, and better access to health care for infants and children, is clearly going to kill a lot of babies. Your respect for your office has been duly noted, as well, ass munch.

Either way, I'm glad I got my raise, so I can donate a little extra money to the Hersey Abortion Assistance Fund. This is good, because it looks like they really need it.

21 March 2010

You call that a vacation?

Well, no, it really wasn't a vacation. But my four-day weekend seems to have flown by entirely too quickly. Ain't that always the way it goes?

It probably seemed a bit short because I didn't have much non-basketball time available for running errands and stuff. I slept later than I really wanted to on Thursday and watched basketball and made Irish soda bread until there was a break in the hoops action and I went over to The Boy I Currently Like's house.

Friday I managed to get to the grocery store, after I dropped The Boy off to pick up his car. I had to miss a bit of the second game in the afternoon to do so, however. When there is 12 hours of basketball in a day that you don't want to miss and a max of about an hour free in that time, it's just hard to get anything done.

Yesterday and today I managed to get a few things done in the morning before the games started up. The only thing that didn't get done was the gym. Oh well. I did a bunch of cooking today and yesterday while the games were on. I can see my TV from the kitchen, if I'm in the right spot. And I can always hear what's going on. It's pretty sweet. My cauliflower pasta and homemade pizza turned out excellent.

I also tried my hand at cinnamon rolls. They did not need the full 30 minutes in the oven the recipe called for, but I was a bit busy watching basketball to fully pay attention as I maybe should have. The edges are a bit tough, but the inside roll and the insides of the rest of the rolls were pretty damn good. Once again, I think I'll improve immensely the next time I make these.

But back to the hoops. Thursday was absolutely crazy, and while the rest of the opening rounds weren't quite as nuts, I can't complain too much about the tight games and thrilling upsets. Thank you, Kansas, for helping to put me in really great position in the IDYFT pool. That game busted a lot of brackets, but not mine. I didn't have Kansas in the Final Four, so that helped me a lot. Granted, I had Georgetown in the Final Four, but no further.

I suppose it'll be nice to get back to the routine of work, gym, sleep, repeat. But there is more basketball to watch. And baseball is on the horizon. It was awfully fucking sweet to read about Joe Mauer's contract, and that mitigated the disappointment about the announcement of Joe Nathan's Tommy John surgery. (BTW, I totes worked with Joe Chrstensen at the Daily.) More daylight, warmish temps ... shit's getting good. I hope.

19 March 2010

I am not going to buy your shit.

Sweet, buttery Christ, what is it with commercials and the NCAA Tournament? Every year, there is at least one that has me ready to beat someone senseless.

There are several that had both me and The Boy I Currently Like groaning in agony the second they started last night and today. The Southwest commercials with the baggage handlers flashing the plane. The ... is it Applebee's? The appetizer trio commercials. He hates one more than I do and I hate the other a little more than he does. It works out nicely for us?

I swear, there always seems to be just a handful that rotate over, and over, and over again, until you want to gouge your eyes out and stuff them in your ears.

There are commercials that were around last year at this time, too. The Axe Body Spray X-treme sports "Double Pits to Chesty" spot apparently did come out at this time last year, according to my own blog post. But I asked The Boy about it today, because I knew we'd talked about it. The Buffalo Wild Wings commercials are the same as last year -- full of adults who apparently turn into pumpkins the second a game ends, because they MUST LEAVE THE BAR.

As always, the beer commercials make me stabby. Miller Lite is alternately trotting out their "triple hops brewed" bullshit and the "guys love beer but can't say 'I love you,' to a woman" schtick. The latter is new and SO FUCKING STUPID. Seriously, this shit makes me sad for my gender sometimes.

I'm having trouble coming up with the other commercials that make me want to lose my shit. The UPS commercials that use music from The Postal Service still piss me off, because I fucking hate that guy. Those are not new spots, however. They just seem to be in much, much, much heavier rotation during the tournament. I do enjoy the irony(?) of UPS marketing themselves with music from a band called The Postal Service.

But wait! Now we're in a commercial break, so maybe I'll see something that jogs my memory. Except, it's the Southwest commercial and back to the game. Either way, I generally dislike the ad industry, because they constantly insult my intelligence.

At least the hoops action has been, to quote The Boy, "B-A-N-A-N-A-S." Yesterday was one of the best days of tournament action I could ever remember -- three OT games and seven decided by three points or fewer. Today hasn't been as crazy, but some of these games that looked to be blowouts are turning into actual games.

After Georgetown lost last night, I thought my bracket was completely and totally fucked, but I'm currently in a three-way tie for first. That'll change considerably tomorrow and Sunday. And I'm totally bummed about my Gophers, but at least they didn't totally shit the bed like The Boy's Hoyas did.

18 March 2010

Oh, happy day.

I'm so excited. The NCAA Tournament will begin in moments. I have all my windows open. I'm not at work. What an awesome day.

Except I just checked my work e-mail and a client wasn't happy with what I sent yesterday, so I guess I'll be working while watching hoops. Fuck. There goes my awesome day.

I suppose I should get working on that so I have time to get the Irish soda bread baked that I promised to bring when I head over to The Boy I Currently Like's place for the evening session games.

Okay, I'm back to pad this out. Apparently, I didn't screw up; the client is just being picky. Someone can fix it tomorrow. It's good to know that when my colleagues read the e-mail from the client their first thought was to do exactly what I did. I still feel like an asshole, but I got a little pep talk that took the edge off. Lord knows I've refined answers for both of them in the past, so it's probably okay that they finally have to do it for me.

The day is back to being awesome, despite the fact that it started off with a horrible red wine headache. I really should have had some water interspersed with the wine I drank last night. I barely had any after the gym, for Christ's sake. Then, while I was drying my hair a little while ago, I realized the headache was coming back. Apparently, I've been avoiding water this morning, as well. Moron. I'd better get hydrated so I can drink with The Boy tonight.

Now all I have to do is watch hoops and leisurely get ready. I think I'll do the bread during the second half of the second game, so it won't be completely cool when I head over to The Boy's for the evening session of games.

Once I'm at his house, I won't have the temptation of my laptop in front of me to obsessively check how my bracket looks. I'm pretty sure it'll look like poo. Honestly, I filled it out yesterday and looked it over and thought to myself, "What the fuck was she thinking?" But I can't second-guess myself. I won't. I'll just continue to think I was on crack and that's why I somehow ended up with West Virginia as national champs. Damn you, Huggy Bear. Your crying after the Big East Championship somehow fucked with my head.

16 March 2010

I don't see what's so damn funny.

One of my coworkers stopped by today to ask who I picked to win the NCAA tournament. I was all, "Dude, I haven't even actually looked at the bracket yet." (If you want to play to win a Jesus statue, I'd advise you to sign up for the IDYFT NCAA contest post haste.)

I will get it done. Possibly tomorrow, once I get my work done at work. I'd hate to leave it until I get home from yoga and have had a couple of drinks on an empty stomach. Probably I will, anyway. I don't feel like I'm going to do very well this year.

Coworker and I got talking and the cube neighbors joined in. She said she was taking a half day on Friday to watch the Gophers. I came back with, "Uh, I'm taking Thursday and Friday off." This prompted laughter from the cube neighbors. Rather uproarious laughter, at that.

First of all, I've been doing this for years. Also, I will be at home (or at The Boy I Currently Like's or somewhere that's not work), watching basketball, not working and possibly (probably) drinking. SO SUCK IT. I'll be on basketball vacation. Go ahead and laugh, suckers.

15 March 2010


My front driver's side tire is low, so I stopped yesterday to try to put some air in it on the way home from the gym. I was having trouble with it, and my knees were killing me from squatting (they're not quite better yet, but they are improving). So, I said "Fuck it," and went home.

After the gym tonight, I thought I'd give it another go. However, there's something incredibly wrong with me, because after 10 minutes, I'd only managed to remove air from the tire. I was tired and hungry. So, I said "Fuck it," again.

Honestly, who can't put air in their goddamn tires? What the fuck is wrong with me? Granted, I can replace a headlight. But putting air in the tires is something anyone can do. Anyone but me, of course.

I remember having trouble in the past putting air in my tires, so clearly, these aren't fancy new tires that are difficult to fill with air. No, I just suck.

But I'm going to try again tomorrow, and keep trying, until I either get it right or I just give up and get an oil change on Friday. They'll do it for me. Still, I suck ass. And I was having such a great day, too ...

14 March 2010

Screw Christmas.

THIS is truly The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Despite the fact that I lost an hour of sleep and started my day later than I'd hoped, today has been pretty damn great. I kind of regret going to the gym to work out, instead of walking around Lake Calhoun, but there will be plenty of opportunities for that. Besides, I had a really good work out.

My windows have been opened since I got back from the gym. They're still wide open now, as is the door to the deck. It's still 57, for Christ's sake! It's going to cool off later in the week, but it stayed light and it was sunny and warm and I had a beer on the deck and oh man, does all that make me happy.

Apparently, some people don't like the smell of this time of year. That's a damn shame. Then again, I grew up on a farm, so the smell of thawing soil and decaying winter leftovers is pretty good, compared to the smell of hog manure on a hot, still summer night. The smell in the air at this time of year is the smell of renewal, of a promise of lovely weather and fun to come. I don't know how anyone could not like it.

My beloved Golden Gophers were in the Big Ten Conference Tournament final today. There was some question about whether or not they had to win to assure their place in the NCAA tournament. They didn't win, so I had some tense moments between the end of the game and the announcement of the Midwest bracket. Thank God I didn't have to wait until the end. The Gophers will play Xavier Friday as a No. 11 seed. Any other year I would totally pick Xavier, but I swear it was just last weekend that I was talking about Xavier with The Boy I Currently Like. Most years, I hear about them during the season. But I've not heard a word this year. So, that's good.

There is so much I love about this time of the year. Today is College Roommate's birthday, in addition to being Selection Sunday. I have Thursday and Friday off work. When I was in college, College Roommate and I would spend the day today getting ready for the Selection Sunday show. We should have been studying for Finals and getting ready for Spring Break, but we loved to procrastinate. We'd recreate the bracket on the wall over our couch.

Despite the fact that I've been out of school for many years, this still feels like Spring Break, because I'm off work on Thursday and Friday. I'm not going anywhere, other than to St. Paul to hang out with The Boy I Currently Like. But I won't be at the office and I will be watching basketball. I have a lot of work to get done before the end of Wednesday, so it'll probably feel like I have finals, too. Just like college!

Oh, also, my raise should show up on my paycheck this week. And, a couple of coworkers were going to try to get Twins tickets for the second weekend of the home season. I could be going to a game in the new stadium a month from now! I'm feeling pretty damn good about things right now.

12 March 2010

Feeling a little guilty about not feeling very bad.

My phone rang at about 6:45 this morning. It was my mom. There's no good news that comes from your parents before 7:00 a.m.

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, my grandpa fell. He hit his head and was now in the hospital with a massive blood clot/bleeding in the brain ... I'm not entirely sure, but it sounded like a very serious head injury. Because he's 92 and on a variety of blood thinners due to heart problems, my mom, her sisters and my grandma decided to not have him undergo surgery. The doctor said there was a small chance he'd recover, but he'd never be the same/be able to live at home any longer. Most likely, though, it's only a matter of time.

It's the only bad news call I think I've ever received that didn't faze me at all. I've written about these grandparents before. I can't seem to find a post where I've written extensively about how they treated their Catholic grandchildren like red-headed stepchildren, while doting on their Lutheran grandchildren to the point of having extra, secret Christmases with them. I could have sworn I wrote about how they treated my mom horribly -- making her essentially raise her sisters, telling her she'd never have any friends if she married my Catholic father and then not speaking to her for six months after they got married.

Grandma has dementia now, which hasn't made her any less crazy, in my eyes. It has just left her unable to hide how selfish and awful she is. I always thought Grandpa was weak and allowed her to dominate everything, but I realized he wasn't exactly a great person either when my aunt recounted a conversation she had with him. She said, "You know, Dad, I've always gotten the feeling that you never really liked me." He didn't say anything at first. She said, "Dad?" He sat there for a minute and then said, "Sorry you feel that way."

That's when the full realization hit me. The more I hear from my mom and aunts (but not the evil aunts ... they're the ones insisting Grandpa and Grandma don't need to go to an assisted living facility, but won't do anything to help them) about how their parents treated them, the more I grow to dislike these people. I see no reason to have any relationship with them. I don't want to talk to them or even be remotely civil to them.

So, here I am, trying to feel something. I feel bad because, despite the fact that they treated her awfully, they're still my mom's parents and I think she at least kind of loves them. Or maybe it's just that she feels she should, because they are her parents. I don't really know. So, I feel sad for her, and for my non-evil aunts. I feel like I should maybe feel sad for my cousins who were much closer to our grandparents than I was. But then again, they were favored because they weren't horrible, horrible Catholics. And I feel like I should feel a little bad because he is my grandpa. Yet, I'm having a hard time feeling much, which makes me feel bad.

The ridiculous thing is, all this self-torment might be a bit premature. Apparently, Grandpa was sitting up and talking this afternoon. I wonder if the maybe the doctor from Arrested Development didn't get himself a new gig.

11 March 2010

Before long, I'll be yelling at them to get off my lawn.

I do not care for teenagers. I'm not entirely sure I liked my fellow teenagers all that much when I was one, but man do I really kinda hate them now.

Case in point: earlier this evening, my brother and I took our nephew to see his mom perform in this ... school thing. The teachers put on a show to raise money for scholarships or some shit.

We were surrounded by teenagers. Girls to either side of us, a row of boys behind us and an auditorium full of others. The boys behind us yakked the entire goddamn show. It would have been just fine if they'd talked during the breaks, which were long and plentiful (it was opening night). But no, they kept talking during the singing and skits.

Possibly the worst, though, was the jackass who sang along to the Barbra Streisand medley (which didn't really seem like a medley ... I didn't recognize any separate songs, but then again, I don't know a whole lot of Babs's catalog). Badly, I might add. Apparently, my brother heard him say, "It was in The Land Before Time."

Dirty looks didn't shut him up. But an 11-year-old boy turning around and saying "Shut up," with a decidedly Napoleon Dynamite inflection proved to be just the trick. I tried to be all proper and said, "You could have been nicer about it. But good job." He'll be a teenager I actually like, I think.

10 March 2010


I really feel like I've been neglecting Ye Olde Blog lately. There are days I really don't feel like I have anything to say, and days where I have a lot to say, but I just don't have the time to write it or I'm exhausted and just don't have the energy to type.

Maybe I'm just going through a phase. Lord knows I have things to complain about. Like all the new people who have moved into the neighborhood who insist on parking in front of everyone's sidewalk access so we're forced to climb snowbanks, navigate slabs of ice, slog through mud or splash through puddles to get from the street to our homes.

Am I just bothered by this because I'm a cranky old person? Or would that bug y'all, too? It's not like we have an abundance of driveways or anything. There's exactly one on my block on my side of the street. I don't care if I am mad because I'm a cranky old person. It pisses me off.

Work is busy, so I don't have a ton of time to read Jezebel and other sites that often give me a jumping-off point for blog posts. I've become completely addicted to Puppy Cam, but they go to their forever homes next week, so that'll free up some time.

The gym is still gross and annoying, though, no one has busted up our yoga class and the toilets have been shockingly free of feces/urine/blood.

The loo at work is getting bad again, but it's nothing like it was last year. Wow. Looking at the date on that post, I had no recollection that the disgustingness went on for so damn long. It's currently mostly just messy, with bits of paper towel everywhere. I can live with that.

So, I'm boring. Things with The Boy I Currently Like are most excellent. Honestly, he is so fucking great. I can't even tell you. And so damn cute! I am now getting paid enough to put up with the bullshit I have to put up with at work. I'm thinking about all the stuff I can do when my raise actually shows up in my paycheck. They're all boring, by the way. The most exciting things at the moment are getting a new iPod (my battery currently lasts about 2 hours and 56 minutes) and switching to L.A. Fitness.

(Is Stacey Augmon an assistant coach for Denver now? Hmmmm ... on his ESPN page, it says his next game is at the Wolves and that's why I saw him. However, he's not listed among the Nuggets coaches. That's all the research I'm willing to do at this point.)

You'll probably be subjected to a lot of basketball-related posts in coming days. The Big Ten tournament starts tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have to miss the Gopher game because my brother and I are taking our nephew to watch his mom sing in some school thing. Hopefully they will win so I can watch on Friday. Even if they don't, there is plenty of hoops action in the coming days, and next week is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

So there you go: my blog is the suck lately and I am terribly sorry. I'm not going to promise it'll get better, but I hope it will. I've got to head into my fourth blogiversary with a full head of steam, right?

09 March 2010

Trying times ahead.

I'm totally stoked about the warm temperatures, but nine days of gray skies in a row (it started Monday, you see)? It makes my heart hurt.


Twins closer Joe Nathan has a significant tear in his ulnar collateral ligament. If it doesn't heal in two weeks (yeah, right), he'll have Tommy John surgery and be out for the season.

When the news that he left the game he was pitching in on Saturday came across the ESPN ticker Saturday night, I shared my concern with The Boy I Currently Like. He said Pat Neshek was looking good and he could take Nathan's spot no problem. I wasn't sure what I thought about that then and I'm still not sure now. He's coming off a serious injury, too. When he's on, though? Damn he's good.

Many commenters in the Strib story are talking about moving Francisco Liriano into the closer's spot. It's intriguing, to be sure. Last year, he'd look great for a couple innings. By the time he'd get to the fourth or fifth, it was all over. That didn't happen every time, of course, but it seemed to happen much, much more than it should have.

I suppose if it was going to happen, it's best that it happen now. They'll have time to pull together a back-up plan before the season even starts. Poop. This tempers my baseball excitement a bit, but I'm still ready. Or, I will be after next weekend.

07 March 2010

Things are looking up?

I'm holding on, just waiting for things to start being awesome. It's still above freezing at 10:00 p.m. This is excellent. Temps are supposed to flirt with 50 all week. I can still hear the drip, drip, dripping of thawing snowpack when I go out to fuck with my laundry.

My raise will be coming with my next paycheck. It'll take a while for me to have extra money to flit away, but I'll be able to pay all my bills and still have money left for the first few checks. I'm having a hard time really imagining what it will be like. I've never had extra money. This is going to be weird, but probably good. And of course, once I get used to it, it won't be enough. Fucking life.

It's Championship Week on ESPN, et al. Honestly, when I was unemployed at this time two years ago, this week fucking RULED. I was watching basketball for at least 12 hours a day. It was a happy time. This time around, it'll just be watching every night this week (West Coast Conference tournament is on right now). UNCW is out of it. The Gophers play Thursday. But regardless of the teams to which I have an allegiance, I get to watch a shit ton of basketball.

Speaking of college basketball, this is my last full week of work before I get some time off. I think I've mentioned to The Boy I Currently Like the past two weekends that "Hey, we only have X many days until we get a short week!" Because, you see, we both take the first two days of the NCAA tournament off work. Last year, I even got to hang out with him the first day of the tournament. It was awesome. Days of drinking and basketball ... does it get any better? I mean, besides the not working part?

So, things seem to be improving. Even my fucked up knees are getting better. If it goes another month, I might end up going to the doctor. However, I notice improvement, so I don't think that's necessary.

05 March 2010

I win stuff.

While my fantasy football season was less-than-stellar, I still managed to win at least one football-related contest this year, much the same as I did last year.

Instead of winning the regular season contest sponsored by novelist and IDYFT contributor Andrew Wice, this year I won the playoffs version. Not that I did horribly in the regular season version. I did come in second, after all.

My prize arrived in the mail yesterday. Since I already own a lovely To The Last Drop t-shirt, Wice offered to send me a random item from his house. I could have chosen an additional t-shirt, but I like to live dangerously. And I'm glad I took what was behind Door No. 3, because I got The Simpsons Trivia Game!

I already have The Simpsons Trivia game, so this one is going to The Boy I Currently Like's with me tomorrow night so I can humiliate him like I've wanted to do since the day we met. Seriously, playing Simpsons trivia was one of the activities I suggested for the first time we hung out. We've yet to play it. (Also, I think the containers are different, so they might be different versions. I didn't get around to making a comparison last night.)

So, in conclusion, I rule. This feels like a precursor to my certain dominance in the NCAA tourney contests I'll surely enter. I need another Jesus Statue, dammit.

Also, you should totally buy Wice's book.

04 March 2010

Newsflash! Sleep is good for you!

I could have sworn I had written some rant about Gwynnie Paltrow's ridiculous GOOP. Apparently, I haven't. That's going to change right now.

Let's just get this out of the way -- I do not like her. Not at all. She always rubbed me the wrong way, but when she was quoted (and I'm paraphrasing) as saying Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes lived the greatest love story of all time, I knew she was a fucking moron.

Now she has her GOOP. The tagline is "Nourish the Inner Aspect." Whatever the fuck that means. If I recall correctly, she chose the name because she wanted to incorporate her initials and then made up a word that didn't exist. Except it totally already did. I guess it just didn't exist in her little world of privilege.

The things she writes about generally demonstrate how painfully out-of-touch she is with ... well, the world (one caveat -- I don't mind some of the recipes). The weekly newsletters have themes -- MAKE, BUY, DO ... possibly some others. The buy and do versions are the most ridiculous. Insanely expensive (and often hideous) clothes, fancy vacations and of course, plenty of detoxes. There's never a lack of name-dropping or preachy advice from her friends, either. Oh! and workout advice from her crook of a trainer.

Today, though, she took her stupidity to a new level. Apparently, she just learned that not getting enough sleep is bad for you:

But I didn't imagine that there could be health problems associated with not getting a good night’s rest.

Really? Seriously? I'm flabbergasted. Next you'll be telling us we should breathe air and eat food. Maybe you should write a book or something. This is news people can use! Of course, she's nice enough to provide links to quilts and duvets that cost $400, top sheets that cost $225 and pajamas that don't even have prices listed (because if you have to ask, you can't afford it). Sweet!

02 March 2010

Workout FAIL.

I had big plans to go to the gym after work tonight. My knees are getting a better, little by little. I managed to get three consecutive days in last week, with four total. Yesterday, I even upped my cardio a little.

So, I figured I could maybe even get in a full 30 minutes of cardio before yoga tonight. I was hoping, anyway. I could have pushed for it last night, but I decided to not push myself if I had three more days in a row coming up.

Turns out it would have been okay if I'd pushed myself. When I got to the car upon leaving work, I realized my yoga mat didn't make it out of the house this morning. Poop. Okay, I can do cardio. Maybe I won't be able to do a ton, but I'll be able to do something.

After a 30 minute drive from the office to the gym that featured an accident right in front of me, I arrived. (Fun note: I left work later today than yesterday, yet the sun was higher in the sky on my drive. YAY!) Looked like there might not be any parking spaces, which might have led to me just saying "Fuck it," and going home. But I found a spot! I shut off the car and went to grab my iPod that I'd been charging while I was driving ... except there was no iPod. FUCK! The battery is so screwed, it runs out during the work day now, so I didn't even have enough juice to get through 30 minutes of cardio.

I put the key back in the ignition and started the car back up. Doing cardio without my iPod in months past would have been bad enough. However, the new Bally TV features music videos. Turns out those black-screened TVs just weren't getting a feed or something.

And the videos? HOLY FUCKING SHIT. They're awful. I mean, I can't really hear the music unless I'm in the locker room, but I have marveled at how bloody fucking terrible it is. It's like, U2, Muse and then emo bands and bands that appear to be Creed knock-offs. Also, ACTUAL CREED. I shit you not. Creed! Yesterday, I saw a video for a band called The White Tie Affair. Honestly, you probably should have just called yourselves HotTopic McGirlJeans and The Douchetones and saved everyone the trouble.

I couldn't possibly have survived more than five minutes with the awful fucking music. I'm not going to put myself into a situation where I might actually hear Creed, for fuck's sake. You can't always avoid it, but if you know for a fact one of their shitty, shitty (shitty!) songs could be played, why would you take that chance?