06 February 2010

Worst Valentine's gift ever?

The Boy I Currently Like and I were watching ... something on TV last night, when we saw a commercial for quite possibly the worst gift ever, be it for Valentine's day or anything, really. The product in question is the Hug-E-Gram. It's a long, hunk of stuffed cotton with an elastic band in it, with hands on either end that you use to give yourself a hug.

Yes, that's certainly bizarre. But is it creepy? Well, the hands look like they've been removed from Mickey Mouse's corpse (I mean, hopefully he was dead before they started dismembering him). They come with a dozen "lasting" roses. I swear I heard something about them being made from wood on the commercial. Finally, you can record a message that will play while the disembodied arms lovingly cradle you beloved.

I swear, I thought this commercial was fake at first. I really wish it was. God help us all.

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