02 February 2010

Whatever happened to those abortion death squads?

Because the Tim Tebow thing won't die, there was another post about it today on Jezebel. I was a little bummed last night that I missed Larry King Live, because from the teaser at the beginning I saw at the gym -- "ABORTION (picture of Tebow on the verge of tears), GAY DATING (can't remember the picture here), SARAH PALIN (Sarah Palin, duh)?" it looked like it might be awesome.

My position hasn't changed. It's bullshit. Just because Mama Tebow risked her life doesn't make her choice the only right choice. She got lucky in that she survived AND that her unaborted fetus is going to bring in some serious cash (maybe ... for a little while). Other women wouldn't be so fortunate as to even survive in the same situation. BUT! She had a choice. No one forced her to have the baby or have an abortion (though, I've read that since they were in the Philipines at the time where abortion was illegal ...).

The big thing here is CHOICE. No one told her she had to have an abortion or that she had to have a baby. So, she and her son and Focus on the Family shouldn't be telling me or any other women they don't have a choice, or the only choice we have is have the baby or give it up for adoption.

CBS's hypocrisy is also an issue. When they turned down an ad from the United Church of Christ in 2004 because the church was touting their acceptance of gays, it was because they don't do advocacy ads. And don't tell me the Tebow ad from FOCUS ON THE FAMILY is not an advocacy ad. Now they're not taking an ad from ManCrunch.com, a gay dating site. Do you think there might be an eHarmony ad, though? Either way, it's not advocacy. And I'm pretty sure PETA has had ads turned down for the Super Bowl (on FOX, and I'm pretty sure the whole point of the exercise was free publicity/making a point because they never dreamed the ad would be aired in the first place). Again with the bullshit.

HOWEVER! The whole point of this post (that would have come together much quicker if it wasn't for goddamn Puppy Cam. THEY'RE WALKING!) was to share this video of "football stars" talking about abortion in 1989. Man, if I'd known there were abortion death squads, I might not have done the whole IUD thing. Do they just show up at your house? Is it free? Also, I enjoy the likening of a fetus to a slave. Nice work. Also? Awesome hair.


Becca said...

I recently did a presentation for my class on comprehensive sex education programs in schools. One very interesting statistic I read was that signing more girls who sign "virginity contracts" become pregnant than those who don't. AKA, they don't wait, they just end up making bad choices, because they either A) don't have the knowledge, or B) have been shamed into believe what they are doing is wrong, and therefore don't use contraception even if they know it's available.

kate said...

I think that Tebow commercial is insanity! Can they really run an ad advocating that you ignore your doctor's advice? To me, that sounds like a law suit waiting to happen.

Jess said...

Yeah, that's exactly the problem with the virginity pledges and abstinence-only education. Kids are going to have sex whether you like it or not. Why not give them the information they need so they can protect themselves? It does not make a lick of sense to me at all.

Oh, come on now Kate. They're not advocating ignoring your doctor's advice. It's not advocating anything, and it's certainly not political. Goodness, no! It's just a lovely story and blah, blah, blah.

Sorry. I can only keep that up for so long before I start throwing up in my mouth a little.