11 February 2010

Things, life, whatnot.

I could not come up with a good subject for this post. I'm barely holding it together at the moment. But some things need to get out, so what can you do?

For example, I had a kind of unexpected job interview on Tuesday. I had indicated interest in the position when I was e-mailed about it, but didn't really expect to hear anything after that. Even when I got called to do the interview, I was still super unsure. I didn't even really know what the job actually was. But hey, nothing like keeping my interviewing chops up, right? So I went. Apparently it went well and now I might have a decision to make that I wasn't ready to make. But I'm sure I'm getting ahead of myself.

Still, I enjoy freaking out when there is no reason to do so. Of course, my mom has to lecture me and say things I have already rehashed a thousand times in my head. Because I wasn't crazy enough about it as it was. Jesus H. Christ.

At the same time, things are going fairly well at my job now. My boss has got me writing proposals and maybe I'll get to manage another project soon. In addition to the project I'll be co-managing, apparently. He loved the proposal I wrote -- for a two-day, $3,000 project. I wonder if I should tell him I've written $300,000, three-year project proposals.

The anniversary of my grandma's death is coming up on V-Day. Normally, I'd be all sad and weepy in the days leading up to it. And, okay, I have been sad and weepy. But I think it's PMS-related. My doctor told me that my period would be worse for the first few months after getting the IUD, but no one said anything about PMS so soul-crushing that I want to drive into oncoming traffic. Oh my God. It's awful.

There are other things, I think, but I can't remember right now. Oh, my birthday is coming up ONE WEEK FROM TODAY. I cannot decide if I want to do something for my birthday or not. I think I went through this last year. Once again, I don't want to bother people with my stupid birthday. Plus, I'm waiting for The Boy I Currently Like to figure out which day next week/end works best for us to hang out.

Blah, blah, blah. I'll save you from the rest of my ridiculousness.


Reuben said...

Can you give us a hint what industry you're in?

Jess said...

Ever since I left government, I've had a hard time defining the industry in which I work. Usually, on those drop-down menus, I end up with "other." But if "business services" is available, I might pick that.

kate said...

Huh. A friend of mine is getting an IUD on Monday. Maybe I should give her a heads up to hide the steak knifes for a few months...

Jess said...

The steak knives don't need to be put away for a few months. Just a few days the first two months, anyway. This stuff is all supposed to go away after three months, or lessen considerably at the very least.

The good news is, the rest of the time I feel like I'm on a much more even keel, emotionally. I like that a lot.