13 February 2010

Stop the presses!

I have been social TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW. That's right. Last night, I went out to celebrate The Doctor's birthday, and tonight I went out for Happy Hour with Macho Man. Apparently, that was the start of my birthday week celebration. Mostly because I used my birthday gift certificate from The Herkimer.

But that is not all! I'm having a party Tuesday (for Mardi Gras) and will probably be celebrating my birthday next weekend. I'm pretty sure that is more social stuff than I have done in quite some time.

I can't help but feel pretty okay about being social after feeling like an asshole last night for not seeing 90 percent of my friends in months. Turns out it is fairly difficult to explain to people why you've been not hanging out with anyone for months. You might want to tell them that you're ignoring everyone, but that doesn't sound so great either.

Things will be turning around soon enough. The days are getting longer. As God is my witness, my deck will be getting some action as soon as it is feasible. Given the death cicles currently waiting to impale me the second I walk out on to my deck, I don't think that's going to be any time soon. Eventually, though, I will get out there.

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流浪汉 瑜伽 Yoga Tramp said...

Hey friend happy valentine day & chinese new year, u hv a nice blog here, nice to meet u, wish all the best to u 6-^