17 February 2010

Look at me, being all sensible and shit.

When I got up this morning, I was sooooooo convinced my knees had improved enough to go to yoga tonight. Even as they got stiffer and sorer throughout the day, they still were less stiff and sore than they were yesterday, or the day before.

I'm not entirely sure when it occurred to me that perhaps I shouldn't rush coming back; that the chances of my knees hurting more tomorrow after yoga were pretty damn high. But it did occur to me, and I decided to take it easy again tonight. I might even skip tomorrow and give myself a full week off, plus a couple of days.

Despite my perfectly reasonable decision, I still have this feeling that I must explain myself -- to you all, to whoever is following me on Google Buzz, to my friends on Facebook. I feel like I must explain that I'm not being lazy -- my knees are actually pretty fucked up. They're better, but not totally so. Why must I do this? Ugh. I hate being crazy sometimes.

Instead of going to the gym, I decided to make brownies for my coworkers as a birthday treat tomorrow. I'm hoping that once everyone knows it is my birthday, we can do ESPN trivia at the quiz. I don't think that is asking too much, dammit.

Aside from the whole fucked-up knees/gym psychosis, I really am feeling so much better. I'm sure it's because the PMS has lifted, but I'm more attributing it to the festivities of this week -- Mardi Gras party last night, hanging out with The Boy I Currently Like Friday, birthday drinking Saturday. The increased daylight is also having a very, very profound effect. I have had to wear sunglasses on my drives home this week! It is amazing what a difference that can make.

I'm guessing that whole job freak out from last week was all for nothing. And I'm totally okay with that. I've decided I just can't take a step back at this point. And despite all of my complaining about my job, I like my coworkers, my boss loves me, and I haven't learned/done everything there is to learn/do. I'm not bored. Working in corporate America sucks ass. The bathroom is starting to get worse again (try to get your tampon fully into the receptacle please. I don't need to see the string hanging out because your nasty ass was too lazy to fully dispose of it properly). But it's cool. I'm good at what I do and my coworkers seem to like me.


Bill From Gainesville said...

And I like you also... Or at least I like reading your blog because really I dont even know you

Jess said...

Thanks, man.