16 February 2010

King Cake FAIL.

I managed to get the baby in the King Cake again this year. The cake I made, for the party I hosted. Did I mention I cut the cake? Oh yeah, I'm awesome.

The good news is, the cake was good. It stayed nice and moist, which I was worried about. And had I known everyone would like it so much and would eat more, I wouldn't have admitted I was left holding the piece with the baby. But I didn't know at the time.

Oh well. Everyone at least said they enjoyed the food, so I'm more than happy to have the party again next year. It was a blast. And we had a good bit of fun in a short amount of time. I'm all done cleaning up and have washed my face ... I can go to bed at my normal time. SWEET! I would have been okay with people hanging out later, but we all have jobs/school, so it's nice to be able to do something fun on a weeknight without having it go too late.

Also, I have enough leftovers to carry me through the rest of the week for lunch. I think everything worked out alright. And hey -- maybe the baby will bring me more luck this year than it did last year.

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