15 February 2010

In the kitchen with Jess.

I've been a cookin' dynamo the last couple of days. Tomorrow is the big Mardi Gras party and since I had to work today and I'm expecting people an hour after I get home tomorrow, I didn't have much of a choice other than to start yesterday.

While I was kneading the dough for the King Cake this evening, it occurred to me that this is really the first time I've cooked an entire large meal for a group of people. When I have parties I tend to make a shit ton of food, but it's never really a meal.

So, I'm a little scared. I tried the jambalaya and red beans yesterday and they were good. I'm okay with the rice and cheesy grits that I'll make tomorrow (okay, so it's more like cheesy polenta, but Alton Brown used cornmeal in his recipe and called it grits, so dammit, I'm calling them grits).

What's really freaking me out is the King Cake, though. It's not terribly even, but I think it's looking okay otherwise. Still, this is my first sweet yeasty bread/cake. And I have to decorate it. Did you know that it's damn near impossible to get purple fucking sugar in this town? I ended up having to go to Michaels to get it and had to buy more yellow and green, too. I wonder if I can return the unused yellow and green to Rainbow. I probably don't have the receipt. Guess I'll have to do some decorating of baked goods at some point.

One thing about baking tonight and having a party tomorrow is that I hyperextended my knees in yoga last week and they are all kinds of fucked up. It's frustrating the shit out of me, because it feels like it's going to take forever for them to get better. I can feel a bit of improvement, though. Hopefully I'll be able to go to yoga on Wednesday ... if I can make sure I keep myself in check.

I'm all feeling like my apartment is a dump (and it is, you should see my busted-ass couch) and just generally feeling BAD. But hey -- I'm having a weeknight party and will be celebrating my birthday this weekend, so ... I've got that going for me.


kate said...

It's just depressing to think that during Mardi Gras last year, I was in New Orleans...it won't have quite the same celebratory feel this year :( I'm jealous of your King Cake, though - hope it turns out well.

Jess said...

I'm sure that must be a huge bummer. I hope you had a fun night, anyway.

The King Cake turned out well. Yay!