18 February 2010

Happy Dre Day.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to me. I seem to be in some sort of no man's land between happy and blue today. Every time I think I'm squarely in one camp, I get pulled into the other.

There is no freaking out about about being 36. I think I said last year that 36 seemed far more acceptable than 35 for some reason. Though, I'm not so cool with being 36 that I was cool with The Boy I Currently Like saying he almost said "37" a few days ago. He's so cool with being 36, he nearly skipped ahead a year. Pretty sure he did the same thing last year, too.

I'm feeling fairly lame about not having any plans tonight, though. I mean, I don't feel lame. I'm perfectly happy to go home, watch The Boy's Hoyas hopefully beat the shit out of Syracuse, watch my Gophers try to salvage their season against Wisconsin, and get drunk. Maybe I'll do my nails or something. Read some comics. It'll be fine. It'll probably even be fun, given my ability to entertain myself while getting drunk at home.

But I feel like a loser when people ask what I'm doing or ask if I have plans tonight and I say, "Nope." I shouldn't, because I just had a party two nights ago. And I certainly can't be tired and hungover if I'm hanging out with The Boy tomorrow and staying up until 4 a.m.

It's not like I'm not celebrating my birthday at all, either. I'm going to get drunk at Liquor Lyle's on Saturday. Though, I'm sure I'll have to answer the same "Where's The Boy?" questions I have to answer at every. social. event. I attend.

Lyle's for my birthday probably won't be quite as awesome as last year, as I had to wait just a couple of days ago to send out the e-mail, because I was working around The Boy's schedule. People are out of town and have plans, as well. This year most likely won't have The Boy's friends showing up out of nowhere. Not that I wouldn't love it if they did, but I've met them, so I'm not a novelty anymore. Shit, not that I would mind if anyone reading right now showed up. I'll be there at 5:00, wearing the t-shirt!

Eh. Shit could be worse. I have a job. I know a lot of really fucking awesome people who kick so much ass.

Now, please enjoy the musical stylings of Mr. Andre Young. You might know him as Dr. Dre. It's his birthday today, as well. Happy Dre Day, y'all.

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