28 February 2010

Happy Birthday.

Yesterday was The Boy I Currently Like's birthday. This ends my nine-day run as a cradle robber/mini-cougar (I didn't have the heart to tell him that, as I'm in my 30s, I'm apparently a puma, not a cougar).

This was the first time we'd spent one of our birthdays together, if I recall correctly (and I might very well not). The Boy doesn't like to think his birthday weekend is any different than any other weekend. I tried to do what I could to celebrate. I mean, obviously, I got him presents (that's getting easier with every gift-giving holiday). I bought him dinner (that's the spin I put on it, because I damn near had to beg to pay for half of dinner). I made cupcakes for him, gave him 36 spankings (he's never heard of "and a pinch to grow an inch, and a sock to grow a block!" Is that a Minnesota duck, duck, gray-duck sort of thing?) and did other random things to try to make the day a little more special. He seemed to have a pretty good night.

You see, he deserves a big to-do for his birthday, in my opinion. He's pretty goddamn incredible. When I think about it, I'm always a little floored by the randomness of the circumstances that led to us meeting. Never in a million years did I imagine we'd end up here when we started e-mailing three years ago.

I'm an awfully lucky girl to know such a great guy. And I'm so very glad I know him.


Little Ms Blogger said...

You really did make his birthday special.

I knew about the pinch part, but the "sock to grow a block" is new to me.

Jess said...

I wouldn't be surprised if my aunts just made that up as an excuse to punch me.

Emily said...

Aww, look how gross you are. :)

And I've also heard of "pinch to grow an inch" but not "sock to grow a block."

Jess said...

I know, I sicken myself. And yet, I can't stop it.

Again, not surprised that my aunts would make up reasons to beat the crap out of me when I was a kid. Well, I guess I'm surprised they would need a reason. They tended to do it just for the hell of it.