22 February 2010


After taking a bit more than a week off from the gym, due to my stupid hyperextended knees, I was all set to go back today. Well, I would have actually gone back yesterday, but I had shit to do that would have made it difficult to squeeze in.

Turns out the shit I had to do -- getting The GTs' old couch, taking out trash and doing laundry was what made it so my knees reverted. I didn't do much with the couch. Mike and Macho Man did most of the work. But between that, getting the U-haul and doing stuff around here, I spent a good amount of time sliding around on ice and snow. Thanks, assholes who park in front of the sidewalk access, dicks who don't shovel and the City of Minneapolis for doing a terrible job plowing (part of that credit goes to the state for cutting LGA, of course).

So, my knees are all fucked up again. Okay, they're not nearly as bad as they were a week ago. It's still pretty frustrating, however. I was itching to get back to the gym last week already, but I somehow managed to convince myself to hold off until I wasn't hurting any more. Why make the recovery that much longer, and so on. Fucking setbacks. I went so far as to put on gym clothes and drive to the gym tonight, but I couldn't find a parking spot. I took that as a sign. My tight, sore knees was the other sign.

Tomorrow I will be able to go. Maybe I'll just spend a little time on the bike, but I have to do something. There is a good chance I might lose my shit if I don't. In the meantime, I got some errands out of the way and I'm getting more my breakfast ready for the rest of the week, poaching some chicken breasts and writing thank yous. Oh, and blogging. And watching Puppy Cam. So, the evening is not lost.

Work was kind of frustrating today, too. Yet more information coming in from corporate about how our company is getting screwed in this integration process. We keep getting the message that they're trying to get us all on the same systems and policies. That's why our payroll changed, which led to me losing a good chunk of change.

We've since found out that while we cannot carry any PTO over from year to year, apparently every other company/division can. How did we find that out? Well, I have an enterprising coworker who stumbled upon the information a couple of weeks ago. Today, however, HR sent out a message to EVERYONE reminding them of the policy change. Then we got a message a bit later telling us to disregard it. Fat chance, motherfuckers. We also found out our 401k match is less than the rest of the company.

The nice thing is, my boss and the others at his level, and their boss, are going to bat for us. It makes sense, as they're getting fucked in the ass like a bad prostitute as well, but it's still nice to know they are trying to impress upon their superiors that these unequal policies and changes that are only hurting us are seriously hurting morale. It's really hard to get motivated to do a good job for a company that obviously doesn't give a shit about you.

Oh, corporate America. How I loathe thee. How timely that the place I interviewed with called back today. And called again. And e-mailed. Seems they really want to talk to me. That can't be a terrible thing, right?


oh well why not? said...

Bill: "If Jimmy tells us to tighten our belts, well I just say, 'How tight?'"

Dave: "Do you now?"

Bill: "Yes, I do. I say, 'Cinch it up nice and snug, sir. I can take it.'"

Dave: "Really?"

Bill: "You're damn right. Why back in the early days of radio, all they had were jungle drums beating the rhythmic message of traffic and weather from village to village. But did they complain?"

Dave: "Hell no."

Bill: "Do you hear me complaining?"

Dave: "Hell no! 'Cause you got a massive, secret raise that caused all these problems in the first place."

Bill: "Exactly."

Jess said...

I'm hurt, deep down inside, where I'm soft, like a woman.

Goodness, OWWN, you certainly know how to endear yourself to me.

Do you also spend more time than you should reading this page when you're feeling down?

oh well why not? said...

For a few years now I've owned the entire series. I don't remember which post it was that you referenced news radio but I thought it interesting that someone else still remembers it.

Are you a kids in the hall fan as well?

Jess said...

Between you, me and The Boy I Currently Like, that makes a total of three people who remember NewsRadio. That's a goddamn shame, quite frankly.

And I sure the hell am a KiTH fan.