20 January 2010

Well, that's serendipitous.

Earlier today, the Strib mentioned that Royce White actually practiced with the Gophers today. He's still suspended, but he's not practiced with the team in months. So, that's good news, I suppose. In fact, it was BIG NEWS the day he showed up to watch practice.

Of course tonight, the local paper of record (I still love you, PiPress!) is now reporting that Al Nolen, who leads the Big Ten in steals, will miss Saturday's game and possibly the remainder of the season (second semester would include the rest of the season, no?) due to academic ineligibility.


If they're not in trouble with the law, they're in trouble in the classroom. Damn.

Nolen is appealing the decision. The post also points out that he had academic troubles in the first semester due to some family circumstances. That sounds like a decent reason for an appeal.

At least I have Puppy Cam (The Boy I Currently Like told me today to be careful I don't get addicted. Too late, sucker!).

Oh, and I have baking. I made a chocolate layer cake with buttercream frosting Sunday, hamburger buns on Monday night, English muffins last night and I'm baking Grandma's homemade bread tonight. The cake was meh, the buns delightful, the English muffins too small and the bread is still rising. I'm considering baguettes this weekend. I'm enjoying my new mixer, in case that wasn't clear.

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