07 January 2010

Thanksgiving in February: An idea I can get behind.

Via Emily, I read about The Heavy Table's Febgiving Proclamation.

I may or may not have made my love of Thanksgiving known on the pages of this blog. As I've made known my disdain for Valentine's Day.

However, I'd like to note that I've never thought of February as this horrible, awful month. That's January. My birthday is in February, so I actually have something to which I can look forward. I hate January so much that my brain is trying to skip past it (despite the fact that this is my last free weekend of the month ... and I have plans). I was thinking a couple of days ago that I had to order The Boy I Currently Like's birthday present in the next few days so I could be sure it would be here by his birthday. Except, his birthday is at the end of February, more than a week after mine. So, yeah, I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

Okay, so February is not horrible in my eyes. There is always the dilemma of what to do for my birthday, though. Having a second Thanksgiving seems to be as good a way as any to celebrate the anniversary of my birth. The only problem is I was planning to host a Mardi Gras party the weekend before. I mean, I have to have the party, because I got the baby in my King Cake last year.

Parties consecutive weekends in February probably isn't that awful of an occurrence either, though. This means no Super Bowl party. That actually works out well, as I was planning to not have a Super Bowl party for the first time since I moved back to Minneapolis more than five years ago. I'll go to a party if I'm invited, to be sure. Watching it at home alone wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, though, either. I might actually watch the game.


Little Ms Blogger said...

Thanksgiving in February could be a lot of fun. A table with the people you want to have around it -- a drama free yummy table.

Jess said...

That's actually how my Thanksgiving already is. Well, except for my sister this year kind of ruined that vibe.

Celebrating with my dear friends in a low-key, stress-free environment is what has made it my favorite Thanksgiving. Quite frankly, that's all the more reason to have another one.

Frank said...

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I like the idea of any day where you sit around and stuff yourself until your stomach is the approximate size and shape of a football...then watch football on TV.

February as a month is okay...I just hate Valentine's day, although my sister's birthday is the day after, which means that as a kid I always got cake.

Jess said...

I guess the sport equivalent for Febgiving is going to have to be college hoops, and quite frankly, I couldn't be happier about that.