06 January 2010

The right way to keep your employees healthy.

Now that we've actually got our new health insurance coverage at work, things are starting to become a bit more clear. For example, we figured out that our gym membership discount is gone.

Let me get this straight: You're pushing the consumer-driven health care plan so that we make healthier decisions and shop around with our health care dollar. You make a fairly big deal about preventive care, covering it all at 100 percent -- drugs and care. Of course, my thyroid meds, which prevent a return of my thyroid and my thyroid cancer, are not considered preventive. My birth control pills would have shot up to $50 a month (when they cost $36 when I had no insurance at all, go figure) if I'd not gotten my IUD. I would consider preventing an expensive pregnancy preventive care, too. But what do I know.

Back to the nonexistent gym discount, though. Despite the claims about preventive care and being healthier so as to reduce overall health care costs, you cut an incentive people had to exercise and make themselves healthier. That's just fucking brilliant.

I suppose, then, it's good I never had the $300 or so to spare to switch over to LA Fitness. Sure, I would have saved like $120. So, I'd still be out $180ish and then I'd pay about $120 extra a year. That is not a good deal for me.

Looks like we're going to be stuck together for a while longer, Bally. Let's keep the shit on toilet seats to a minimum, okay?

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