27 January 2010

Is this how it starts?

I'm beginning to worry that I've started on the slippery slope to becoming a Crazy Cat Lady (a relative term, as I'm highly allergic to cats). I don't know if it is just January or the various and sundry other unpleasant shit going on in my life right now, but I've been ridiculously drawn to pictures of puppies. Or live streaming puppy cams on the Interwebs. Or other cute pictures The Boy I Currently Like sends me from the Cute Overload page-a-day calendar I got him for Christmas. Or cute animal pictures from Jezebel or Daily Squee. And so on.

Seriously, I've been watching so much Puppy Cam, it's getting a bit ridiculous. But it's about the only thing keeping me from totally losing my shit right now, so what can you do?

So, why the concern, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. A few days ago, I stupidly scrolled down past all of the pictures for the Daily Puppy (The Boy enjoys The Daily Puppy, too, so I can't be that bad yet, right?), and what I saw there was fairly disturbing. Some of those comments sounded frighteningly like the comments crazy people left on the Barbaro message board.

Sadly, the Barbaro message board is no more. But long time readers (probably none of you) will remember I wrote about the batshit insansity of those people. So did Deadspin. Hell, my friend The Captain and I had our own Barbaro blog where we mocked those fruit loops. Sadly, Bobby was put down before we really got into a groove. God damn shame, that.

Do you see where I'm going with this? I mean, I'm borderline addicted to Puppy Cam, I get Daily Puppy e-mails and Facebook updates. The Boy feeds my puppy lust with pictures (enabler!). Where does it end? With me writing letters to dead horse? I don't see any other option. God help me.

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kate said...

Hey, being addicted to puppies is WAY better than being addicted to webMD. I work in a doctor's office - my addiction is so bad that when my boss walks out and sees me on webMD, he yells at me (if I'm on facebook or blogger? No problem. WebMD? He flips). But, boss, I have this mysterious symptom and I need to go check to see what kind of cancer it means that I have! Enable me!! Enable MEEEE!!