26 January 2010

I'm going to have to retire some tags.

I'm going to have to change "poor copy editing" to "no copy editing." And "shoddy journalism" to "shoddy decisions by out-of-town investment groups who don't know what journalism is about," or something.

Reporters at the Star Tribune are on a byline strike today. It's a protest/tribute to their colleagues who are going to be laid off or bought out or whatever.

Honestly, is there even anyone left at the paper any more? I think everyone I know is still there -- several colleagues from the Daily and one of my J School instructors -- but they seem to be about it.

There are so many errors in copy these days, I shudder to think about what its going to look like with even fewer sets of eyes reading stories.

On the one hand -- and I'm certain I've said this before -- I'm glad I chose to not be a reporter. On the other hand, however, this decimating of my local newspaper and papers around the country makes me so fucking sad. My education in Journalism school and my experienced as a reporter for one of the best college newspapers in the country (back then, anyway) has really shaped my life and the work I do and have done in every job I've ever had. I have a very special place in my heart for print newspapers and I hate to see what's become of it over such a short period of time.

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