31 December 2009

Well, now I won't be nervous.

After spending several days freaking out about meeting the friends of The Boy I Currently Like at the New Year's party tonight, I'm now no longer nervous. As it turned out, many of them ended up at The Independent last night, where I happened to be hanging out with KayGee, The Prison Librarian (because the question came up last night, and others might also be wondering, that's her nickname because that's her job) and a couple of other people.

Not only am I not going to be meeting 20 new people all at once, but I also got to ask the girls what they were going to wear, which also helped with the worrying.

I'm still kind of processing it all (possibly because I was out until 2:00 and still drunk when I woke up this morning), but I can tell you they are all lovely people and I had a fucking blast with them.

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