11 December 2009

Oh God, I hate shopping so freakin' much.

Why does it have to be bad form to give everyone cash for Christmas? I'm better at birthdays and other types of gift-giving occasions. Christmas is just too much all at once. I hate shopping for myself, for fuck's sake.

The saddest thing about today is, I went to the mall to get gel. Just gel. I figured, since I was there I could get at least one gift, right? It just so happened that my sister was also doing some shopping, so I got to be on the phone with her for a considerable amount of time discussing gifts for Little Brother's Girlfriend and ... I don't know, some other people.

Okay, maybe that's not sad, per se. But it's something.

I really do hate shopping and Christmas shopping is hateful shopping on crack. Work has got my ass busy and completely freakin' exhausted. It was all I could do to go to the damn mall today and go to two stores today. As awful as it is going to be, I'm pretty sure that the rest of my shopping will be on Christmas Eve, which is my next payday.

Yes, shopping on Christmas Eve is not pleasant. However, it is banging pretty much everything out in one day. And if I get started early, it shouldn't be too bad. Also, that keeps me from having to go home too early. Bonus!

That's not to say I've not done/am not doing some online shopping. I placed an order with Amazon earlier today. One of the items I ordered was through a non-Amazon vendor and of course, I got this message saying "Oh, their shipping schedule indicates you need to choose expedited shipping so you can get it in time for Christmas." Dudes, it's TWO WEEKS AWAY.

Of course, I got a message an hour after I ordered, saying it was shipped. Fuck you assholes. Honestly.

I'm going to go ahead and wrap this up now. Exhaustion plus two glasses of wine has me absolutely loopy. I'm sure none of this makes any sense. And unfortunately, I got lots of shit to do this weekend. Just six days of work left this month. I can do it. Maybe.

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