16 December 2009

Fuck you, work.

Fuck you very much. I really needed that vacation day on Friday. Having to work now is totally fucking my shit up. God, I was so disheartened this afternoon.

My last profile should be done by 10:00 tomorrow, at the latest. I can spend the rest of the day proofreading; that's fine. However, having to switch my vacation day so I can finish up the other profiles? That ain't right.

What confuses me most is why I have to do a good job, but no one else has to do even a marginally good job. They can turn in a complete piece of shit, but no worries -- Jess will just rewrite the whole thing. And do the research again. I'm especially annoyed at the guy on my team whose work I'm constantly having to clean up. I wish I knew how to broach that subject with my boss.

But whatever. I guess this way, I'll hopefully end up with two weeks straight off from work. That's if I can schedule my IUD placement for Monday. *crossing fingers* I feel better after getting my fat ass into the splits in yoga tonight. I'd have gotten to the floor on the left side this week if I'd only had about 30 more seconds to ease into it. Next time.

Plus, there are other distractions. My brother got engaged (my sister is not happy) and my crazy grandma is drinking. 'Tis the season.


Emily said...

Ah, the classic problem of doing your job so well that people reward you with more and more work to do. Good times.

Jess said...

I'm trying to convince myself that I'll just half-ass it, but I know better. I'll stay late and stress and freak.

Fuck my life.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Let me guess, your brother is younger than your sister?

This should make for an interesting gathering over the holidays.

Sorry about the work thing.

Jess said...

He is the youngest, so yes. However, she's already been married, so it's not a "You beat me to the altar" kind of thing.

I'm already trying to figure out how to tell them I don't want to be in the wedding.

Stephanie said...

I'd pose the work issue as an efficiency thing--doing the work twice costs the company money. Maybe ask to put some sort of procedure in place. Could you pitch the idea of a checklist or instructions for people putting together their materials? Ask that they include where they got their information so you can verify/shoot it down? As long as you can show that this will make people more productive and get the company/clients more for their time and money, you should be able to come across as constructive. And it's the end of the year so it's a good time to look ahead to how to do things differently in the next one.

Stephanie said...

And if you can make a legitimate case for you, as the final point person, being able to do more/better work in the time you have, that would give them something to think about.

Jess said...

I can't even begin to formulate my response to your comments right now, Stephanie. But I will. If I remember. I promise!