27 December 2009


There are a great many things one can hate about Winter -- the shortened days, the cold, the snow and the lack of activities are some of the bigger ones. However, I think the worst thing about Winter, in my eyes, is the fact that everything is dirty. CONSTANTLY.

Take, for example, the gym. There are a great many assholes who wear their gym shoes outside or wear their outside shoes to work out. This means there is water, gravel, sand and salt EVERYWHERE in that place. I don't enjoy walking through dirty puddles in my socks or in my clean gym shoes. You people are assholes.

Things aren't any better at home, though I do try to minimize the damage to the areas nearest my two doors. But trying to keep my shoes on the rug while also removing them and/or trying to close the door and get all my shit inside sometimes means that I get dirty puddles around the rug instead of on the rug.

Then, there is my car. I park on a busy street. On a day like today, where there is a bunch of slushy snow on the street, I end up with the driver's side of my car plastered with salt, sand and slush. And there is no point in washing my car. Even if the temperature was to remain (relatively) balmy and I wouldn't have frozen doors and locks, my car would still be dirty again 30 seconds after I parked it. Car filth often transfers to bags, purses and coats. And the filth gets in the car via boots, too.

It's a losing battle, so I pretty much don't try. Oh, I'll clean my car windows when I get gas. And if there is a blatant puddle on the floor, I'll clean it up. I take my boots off right away when I walk into the locker room at the gym (even though most don't) and avoid walking in others' puddles so as to minimize tracking, but it's so fucking futile. What can you do?

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