01 December 2009

Bits and bobs.

I had every intention of working tonight when I got home from the gym. However, I'm just sitting down at 9:20 p.m., so fuck that shit. I'm so tired and I really loathe work at the moment, so doing it in my free time seems less-than-fun.

So, work: There's another project to be started right after this one finishes and the guy heading up these projects seemed to be attempting to give me something of a guilt trip when I told him I would be out most of the last two weeks of December. Look, pal, it's not my fault we have to use up our vacation time by the end of the year. If I could get a waiver to use it next year, I'd totally do it. But the Powers That Be don't seem to be interested in that. I can't wait to see what happens when I end up being out from the 18th through the end of the year. I'd like to warn them about my sick time that I'll be taking for my IUD placement, but a) I don't really know how to explain that and b) I can't call to make an appointment until Aunt Flo shows up. It's going to have to be last minute.

I don't know why it's so much worse this year than in other years, but Christmas is totally making me stabby. Hearing Christmas songs in the bathroom at work is icky. The fucking commercials, though. Sweet buttery Christ, they are going to make me go on a rampage. The ... Miller Lite or Bud Light commercial with the glasses clinking to some Christmas carol drove me to change the channel after about five seconds. Holy terrible, Batman. And the jewelry commercials. Dear God. The Kay Jeweler spots are just so fucking dumb, but it's the Everlon? Everlong? collection commercial that makes me insane. It's a spot for the jewelry, because I've seen a Macy's and J.C. Penney tag on the ad. The commercial features a couple ice skating and when the dude pulls out the ugly diamond whatever, the woman looks like she is going to totally lose her shit. Lady, it's UGLY. Who cares if it's a diamond? Diamonds are bad, anyway. I don't know how I'm going to make it through the season. The Vikings-related Continental Diamond commercial that is on at the moment makes me want to shove a fork in my eyes, too.

I've been doing a lot of baking this week, and it's only Tuesday. I made my Grandma's bread last night. Tonight it was cornbread, as I'm going to be eating chili later in the week. Couldn't do it tomorrow night, as I'm going to watch the Gopher basketball game as soon as I get home from yoga (recorded, so no one tell me what happened!). Later this week, or possibly this weekend, I have a pumpkin cranberry bread recipe I need to try. That bag of fresh cranberries I bought last week isn't going to last forever.

Speaking of this weekend, I'm getting my H1N1 vaccination on Saturday. They've opened it up to people under 64 with underlying health conditions, which is me. It's also my sister and brother. Yay us. Asthma is sexy, you know. I haven't been particularly worried -- especially since I found out we had a round of it go through the office already -- but I think I'll feel a bit more at ease once I've been vaccinated.

There were probably some other bits and bobs I wanted to mention, but my brain isn't working any more. Something about how I should feel sheepish about running into friends at the grocery store after I work out and look like shit. But I don't, because I don't care. And some other things. Meh.


Reuben said...

"bits & bobs" just looks like such a dirty phrase - a little too close to "tits & boobs," I think.... or maybe i'm just pervy.

Jess said...

Clearly, only dirty, dirty perverts find sexual innuendo in a simple blog title.

I wouldn't know about such things, as I am all purity and innocence.

Stephanie said...

Those Everlon diamonds look like uvulas. Or descended...bits and bobs. No thanks.

I hate the look on the woman's face when the guy presents her with the diamond--the director probably told her to try to shoot laser beams out of her eyes, while looking hungry.

Jess said...

I keep expecting her jaw to unhinge so she can swallow him whole.

Jess said...

Or maybe give him The Dementor's Kiss.