07 December 2009

Bah, I say.

If I can make it through the next two weeks (actually, only nine working days) without suffering some sort of breakdown, I will be amazed. I don't think that will happen, but you never know.

Things didn't exactly go well this weekend. I managed to get my H1N1 vaccination quite easily. And I was entertained by wailing, screaming children while I waited a few minutes to get my shot. My arm wasn't ever even sore. I suppose that's good, because it's very sore for another reason today. The Boy I Currently Like and I had a bit of a mishap Saturday night that involved me half falling off the bed and into the nightstand. I have an awful bruise on my arm, my thigh (with a scratch through the middle, even!) and a not-nearly-as-bad bruise on my cheek. Thankfully, I have a couple of zits to distract from what the makeup can't quite cover, so no one should think I'm being beaten at home.

Before I went to The Boy's on Saturday, I was heading to Northeast for Idris Arslanian's surprise birthday party at Nye's. The bar is 3.7 miles from my house, so I figured 30 minutes should be plenty of time to get there. I mean, that's eight minutes per mile. How could it take that fucking long? I was still asking myself that when I'd gone about two miles in half an hour.

Clearly, I was an idiot to not take the long route, but honestly. How the fuck was I supposed to know traffic would be that bad? Was it the new two-way traffic on Hennepin? The Holidazzle? I haven't a fucking clue. But I can tell you I won't be driving downtown ever again if I can help it (not that I ever did). Since the bus ahead of me wasn't going anywhere either, I apparently won't be going downtown any more at all if I can help it. So, I missed the celebration. I was only going to stay for a bit, but I still feel like a jerk. I put on lip gloss, for fuck's sake. I imagine it was a fabulous time.

Now it's Monday and I'm back at work (after working on the weekend at home, of course) and sweet, buttery Christ, how I don't want to be here. I just read through client comments on a couple of these things I've been working on and apparently I'm not quite writing dumb enough yet. There are only so many ways to say "the data isn't available at that level." Can you tell I'm in a hurry to get back to work on it? I'm not procrastinating, or anything.

I'm going to try to just let it roll off my back; to not take it personally. But God, that is so hard for me. I'll try my best, though. I'll do what I can in the time I have and that will have to be good enough, god dammit. I'm not going to work while I'm using up my vacation time, dammit.

At least with all this work shit and then the family shit starting as soon as work is done, I don't have a lot of time yet to start freaking out about meeting more of The Boy's friends later this month. To his credit, he admitted being pleased that he told me now so I could have a few weeks to have to think about it. My plan is to get drunk so I won't be nervous. How can it fail?


Reuben said...

You've piqued my interest in the "mishap." More detailed explanation requested. Will you be implementing some safety precautions to avoid another mishap?

Jess said...

I'm sorry Reuben, but there are just some things I won't share. (Hard to believe, I know. But I do keep some things to myself.) What we were doing that led to my injuries would be one of those things.

We're going to try to be more aware in hopes this does not happen again.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

If anyone comments on the bruising, you could just say that it's "a bad reaction to the flu shot..." Leave it hanging like that. Maybe accentuate it with a bit of herky-jerky movements and some drooling.

Reuben said...

"Maybe accentuate it with a bit of herky-jerky movements and some drooling."

...it sounds like that's what led to the bruises in the first place.

Jess said...

Well, I see I'm not needed here. Carry on, gentlemen.

Reuben said...

Jess, can you delete your last comment, please? I'm trying to have a conversation with the iNDefatigable mjenks and it's getting in the way. Thanks.

Jess said...